How to Add Snapchat Widget to iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Last Updated on 07/11/2022

How to Add Snapchat Widget to iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Interactive widgets and personalization options to your Lock Screen are one of the most notable features in iOS 16. Many apps have added the support of iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets and more apps are trying to make them available. Snapchat is a well-known instant messaging application has also released Widgets to iPhone users as a component of their ” Fresh Features for Fall” update.

In relation to Snapchat Lock Screen widgets, if you want to add the Snapchat lock screen widget on iPhone There are two widgets you can include. The first widget opens Snapchat’s Snapchat camera, which lets users snap a quick photo or share an account. The second widget lets you begin conversations with a group or friend directly from your lock screen by making a single click. The widgets are available in rectangular and square sizes, so you are able to choose the one that fits your needs most.

Snap widgets are definitely an excellent addition since you can begin snapping and chat with your friend without having to open your iPhone and launch Snapchat and search for the particular option.

Maybe, you’re trying to include Snapchat’s Snapchat feature to the iPhone lock screen, but you can’t locate the widgets. Don’t worry This quick guide will show you how to obtain Snapchat widgets to your iOS 16 Lock Screen.

Let’s now see how to include Snapchat widget to the Lock Screen on iOS 16 on iPhone.

How do I include Snapchat widget to the Lock Screen on iOS 16

  1. Be sure to ensure that you update Snapchat to the most recent version.
  2. Start Snapchat. Snapchat app.
  3. Hold and touch (long-press) an empty space in the screen of your lock, while your iPhone is locked.
  4. Click the Customize button beneath the lock screen you want to customize.
  5. Tap the widgets row to remove or add widgets.
  6. Browse through the ‘Add Widgets menu, then select Snapchat in the list of available widgets. Tip: Try this solution if Snapchat isn’t showing up in the widgets list. Snapchat widget isn’t appearing on the list of widgets.
  7. Click and then add the ‘Camera’ or “Pin an Group or Friend widget to your preferred size.
  8. Note for the Pin a Group or Friend widget, you must press the widget after you have placed it in order to choose a friend or group. You can set the widget to be open for Chat as well as Reply Camera.

Once you have placed the Snapchat widgets, click “Done” and return on the Lock Screen. Now you can view Snapchat’s Snapchat widgets. Just tap on the widget you want to use and experience a better experience.

However, you won’t have much success trying to include Snapchat’s Snapchat widget to your home screen. This is because Snapchat allows you to integrate the Snapcode widget on your iPhone homepage screen.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton