Bookmarklet to change fonts & text size of web pages

Last Updated on 18/11/2022

Bookmarklet to change fonts & text size of web pages

Sometimes, we see numerous websites or blogs with small font sizes or inaccessible fonts. It is very difficult to read these websites properly, which results in strain on the eyes. Therefore, I’ve found an easy and effective solution to solve this issue.

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FIX Below are a few useful bookmarklets that let you Zoom in/out text size and alter the fonts on any web page. Simply drag and drop’ the below bookmarklets into the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

Go to a web page and select the bookmarklet you want to use. You’ll see that the size of the font of the webpage, making it simple to comprehend. You can also make use of both the font type and font size bookmarklets simultaneously.

Standard Font size Bookmarklets:

Custom size of text or font Select the font you want to use to use on the web page.

Standard Font type Bookmarklets:

Other Useful Bookmarklet:

  • Lowercase is a method of changing the entire the text on a website to capital letters
  • Lowercase – Transforms all the text on a website into small letters

I hope you find this article simple and helpful.

Above bookmarklets are available from the Opera’s Bookmarklets Page.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton