Can People See Your Bookmarks On Twitter? Find out

Last Updated on 21/10/2022

Can People See Your Bookmarks On Twitter? Find out

The latest update (30 March, 2020) Are Twitter making its bookmarks public?

There has been a buzz from yesterday about Twitter bookmarks have been made public. Evidently, many Twitter users are confused by this and are concerned if actually happens. In the end, nobody would want their personal information to be made public without their consent or knowledge.

Worry not! This is an unsubstantiated rumour and fake news story that was that was spread by someone who goes by an account called @NESStoohigh. In reality, your bookmarks are private, and Twitter will not make them public in the future, at least not without an official announcement.

Although I found the story quite amusing it was appropriate on the 1st of April. The person allegedly created an untrue screenshot, claiming Twitter has made bookmarks available to the public.

Unfortunately, many people who have cleared their bookmarks and are now hearing this false information.

About a year ago, Twitter launched the much-requested “Bookmarks” feature thus offering users a brand new method to store tweets. At first, bookmarks were only available for the Twitter application available for iOS as well as Android, Twitter Lite, and the mobile version of Twitter. We then posted a solution to access bookmarks and tweets on Twitter’s desktop site. This trick works for the old version of Twitter website.

But, Twitter is now introduced a new interface for their desktop site which allows users to directly browse and save tweets. It’s funny to note it’s nothing more than an imitation to their version for mobile. Therefore, it’s best to stick to the old web-based interface until you can and then follow our solution.

Who is able to see me? Twitter bookmarks?

To the point If you’re new to Twitter then you may be wondering if other users are able to see the contents of your Twitter Bookmarks, or even not. The solution to that question is ” No, they can’t“. The tweets you bookmark cannot be seen by anyone else unless you have permission to access your account. Bookmarks are private and offer a secure method to archive other’s tweets.

In contrast to likes (formerly Favorites), bookmarks aren’t displayed publicly in your profile on Twitter. Only you can browse your bookmarks.

In addition, the person who wrote the tweet of the tweet doesn’t get not notified when you save the tweet. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned as there’s no way for your followers to gain access to the Twitter Bookmarks Directory.

Tips: If you want to browse your bookmarks and tweets that you have saved on your desktop browser, but not using our method, then change to the latest interface.

To do so, open on your desktop. Click on your profile icon, then select”Try the new Twitter” from “Try the new Twitter” option at the end. You’ll now be able to save tweets using”Share “Share” option and view them in your “Account info” menu.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton