DearMob iPhone Manager Review: The Perfect Replacement for iTunes

Last Updated on 04/10/2022

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: The Perfect Replacement for iTunes

It is a fact it is true that iTunes is a major failure when it comes to managing and moving information on the iPhone and iPad. In contrast to Android it isn’t possible to use ‘Plug and Play’ in order to transfer the media file from your computer onto an iOS device, or vice versa. For simple and fast transfer of files, you need to utilize iTunes for both Mac as well as Windows. In addition to having a few limitations, the whole sync process in iTunes can be slow as well as a hassle. However, you can make use of AirDrop for wireless transfer of files from iPhone as well as Mac. However, AirDrop doesn’t work with Windows OS and it can be unreliable for large data transfers.

Disclosure: This article was supported by Digiarty Software, the company behind DearMob.

To address this specific issue that is causing a lot of frustration, the majority of iOS users end up using third-party apps. DearMob iPhone Manager is one of these programs that stands apart from the rest. In comparison to other similar programs, it provides an extremely user-friendly interface and performs as you would expect. It also prioritizes security by incorporating encryption into the program and comes with numerous additional tools. It is a must-have iPhone file manager , and we’ve got a list of reasons to support our assertion. Let’s look at them in depth in the following paragraphs.

Key Features of DearMob iPhone Manager

Data Transfer

Videos and photos typically take up lots of space and therefore, it is important to regularly back up their data to a computer. Backups also free the worry in the event that your device gets lost or damaged. Additionally, the free storage available on the iCloud isn’t enough, so it’s not possible to back up all your information in the cloud.

It’s a relief, DearMob makes exporting photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad to your computer much easier than ever. After your device has been connected, you can simply browse your “Photo” or “Video & Movie” directory to locate all the media in your iPhone. The media is well divided into albums exactly as they are stored on your iOS device to make it easier to access. You can also sort the data according to year month, day, or dates which is useful when dealing with lots of information.

It’s fascinating to be able to select files from a specific folder or batch export the entire album of photos and videos on iPhone onto a PC and Mac. It is possible to export or import images across devices using a simple drag or drop’. Clicking on a photo double-clicks it to open it in Preview to allow users to see an unobstructed view. The program also shows the dimensions of the selected file(s) and preserves the metadata in place.

Built-in Video Converter

When you use DearMob iPhone Manager, you do not have to be concerned about videos that aren’t supported prior to transfer them onto your device. It includes a video transcoder which can convert a video that is not supported into MP4 (H.264) formats while synchronizing. However, unlike photos you aren’t able to double-click on a video to see the content. You can also look up videos using the title and remove the videos that have been recorded using Mac or PC easily.

Tips: The videos added are added into the “Home Video” category and can be accessed via Apple TV. Apple TV app.

Add Music Freely

I prefer to manage my music library by hand instead of synchronizing all of my music library each time through iTunes. DearMob allows this to be done so that you can upload one music file or an whole folder onto the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via drag-and-drop. The interface also offers the option to play or erase the file, add it to a playlists, export music, and modify music tags.

Like videos, the software can also convert audio formats like FLAC, WMA, OGG and WAV to MP3 and AAC. In addition, it has an integrated ringtone maker that can create iPhone-compatible ringtones from the form of a flick. You can also edit and add to your music playlists with out iTunes through DearMob’s DearMob iPhone Manager.

Full Backup & Restore

Apart from exporting certain documents, DearMob allows you to create an entire copy of the iPhone and iPad data. The backup can be encrypted by using a password to provide greater security. It is easy to restore your device at any time using the backup stored locally on your computer. To create a backup you don’t require to have an iCloud login as well as an Apple ID, either.

Built-in Encryption

The program also has the benefit of encrypting the media file, information as well as backups. These encrypted data files are further secured by a password and are only decrypted using the proper password. Additionally, DearMob utilizes 256-bit AES, 10-24 bit RSA, PBKDF2, and Argon2 encryption technology for security that is military-grade. So you can be at ease knowing that you are safe from the intrusion of the data you store on your personal computer.

Simplified UI

DearMob isn’t a failure with regards to user experience, either. It’s a simple program and makes it simple to navigate through and access the many features. Installation is easy and you’ll see all the tools available on the main screen. You can also set certain options, including the default location for export as well as hardware acceleration and the option of converting HEIC pictures to JPG.

Additional Tools

In addition to the features mentioned above, DearMob includes a host of small but useful tools. It allows you to take an accurate backup of all your contact information, remove duplicate contacts, and restore them when you need to. It also lets you backup selectively iPhone SMS and iMessages and then export them to PDF format. Users of Apple Books have the option to transfer and transform EPUB documents into PDF, or to add books in the format they prefer.

Our Thoughts

If you’re in search of an easy and efficient alternatives for iTunes and AirDrop then you should look no further than DearMob iPhone Manager. It’s a fantastic software that guarantees smooth file transfer, and at a high speeds. It is light and is compatible with iTunes. In addition to the transfer of files it allows you to easily manage and backup your data for the iPhone as well as your iPad.

DearMob is available on the both Windows as well as Mac and its one-year license costs just $40. You can also purchase an unlimited license which includes a lifetime free upgrade that costs $47.95.

It’s good news, DearMob can be currently accessible for free as a part of the offer that is limited in time. Make sure you try it out the app and try it for yourself. To download it, download the app and then register it using the free license code that is mentioned in this guide to iPhone transfer of data.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton