A Budget Phone on Boosters: Detailed Review of Lenovo K3 Note

A Budget Phone on Boosters: Detailed Review of Lenovo K3 Note

In the past you’d have done well to locate an Android phone that could be used as your primary device paying less than Rs 10,000. Motorola has changed the game for budget Android users after the launch of its Motorola Moto G in the year 2000. Since then,, an avalanche of devices has been sweeping through the market where a variety of manufacturers have competed against each other to offer their customers top features at affordable costs. Lenovo is the leader of this battle, competing with the likes of Motorola, Asus, Xiaomi, and Samsung to be the top contender in the sub-Rs $10,000 market.

One phone that has performed extremely impressively for Lenovo at the very least in terms of making huge numbers in terms of sales includes Lenovo’s Lenovo K3 Note. It is among the most sought-after phones in the sub-Rs 10,000 range. Since the phone is an exclusive to the internet There must be something that has enticed thousands of people to purchase the device and not even getting it, and instead relying on the company and the first set of reviews. To find out the truth behind what all the fuss was about, we purchased Lenovo K3 Note Lenovo K3 Note and went through the details of what the phone was all about.

Availability, Pricing, and Box Contents

It is available in the open sale. Lenovo K3 Note has been made now available as an exclusive online product on Flipkart. The phone was initially available for sale on flash sales and some sales saw more than 50,000 units selling within five minutes of going live however, since then it’s now be sold in the open sale. The phone is packaged in a cardboard box that comes with the Airtel SIM card in the incentive. The contents of the box include the device, a battery device, two pairs of headphones with an inline microphone, screen protector and wall charger, as well as a USB cable that connects to a Micro USB cable. We tried looking for the device on some offline stores, but could not locate it. After the device was put to general sale and the cost has remained pretty the same at the price of Rs 9,999 at Flipkart to purchase the gadget.

When it comes to the choice of color, you have the option of choosing between white, yellow or black screen on the handset, with the front bezels being black. Based on our information from Pricebaba, Flipkart sold over 80.000 Lenovo K3 Note devices during their Big Billion Day sale clearly saying that the availability is not an problem.

Design and Hardware

It is the Lenovo K3 Note comes with a phone that’s clad in plastic. It’s a phone that has a stale, uninspiring smell however, it is typical of phones in this price bracket. The front of the phone appears to be an uninspiring block of touchscreen, with a standard glossy back panel with no or texture. The edges are slightly rounded however, they sit in a straight 90 degrees, making the phone somewhat difficult to hold in smaller hands. We would have loved to see some curves here. Because the back of the phone is removable it is always in the possibility of some rumblings and noises, despite the fact that the phone is quite solid. The bezels of the phone are quite noticeable, particularly at the top and bottom. The top lip has a cutouts for the earphone as well as the front-facing camera. The bottom lip has three buttons that are capacitive, but are, for some reason, without backlight, and are etched with a white and have an odd appearance, which can be difficult for the first-time user.

If you hold the phone with the face facing upwards the front of the phone is dominating by the 5.5 inches Full HD display which features an IPS display. It’s the Lenovo K3 Note along with it’s Coolpad Note 3 is one of the few phones that have a 1080p display at this price point which is an advantage on the part of Lenovo. Above the display is a grille that houses the earpiece, as well as an f/1.5 MP camera on the front. Below the display, there are three buttons that are capacitive- back menu, home and back. The top part of the handset, there is an 3.5 millimeter headset jack and an Micro USB port. The bottom chin has the microphone hole and the rest of it. The back of the phone features the 13-megapixel camera at the top left, with a dual LED flashlight beneath it. There’s the Lenovo logo, a second microphone that can be used for noise cancellation and the speakers located in the upper half of the phone’s back. Turn to the right side and you’ll find an aluminum power button and a volume rocker. There’s nothing on the left side of the phone.

The back panel of the phone can be removed when you take it off, you will be able to remove and access the battery Insert two Micro-SIM cards aswell as the Micro SD slot in order to increase the storage capacity of the phone.

For power the phone is powered by the MediaTek 6752 SoC that has eight CPU cores running to 1.7 GHz. The phone comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, but you can increase the memory to 32 GB with the ability to support Micro SD card.


The K3 Note comes with a 5.5 inch 1080 pixels LCD display. In contrast to an AMOLED display however, the colors aren’t as vibrant here. well and there’s an overall feeling of slight washout throughout the experience. This is the reason, it is because the angles won’t make anyone scream however they’re not bad at all Think of the display as being normal even at its maximum brightness. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing since the colors appear natural, and there’s an impression of warmth across. It is possible that we are not being too critical due to the fact of the AMOLED display of the Nexus 6P, which has afflicted our eyes. The brightness in sunlight was sufficient and we experienced no issues with the outdoor view at all times, but sometimes the reflective nature of the display made reading somewhat like reading a horse.

Contrary to the majority of phones that come using Corning’s Gorilla Glass Protection, the K3 Note features a Dragontrail protection layer, which resulted in small scratches on the screen after prolonged use.


Lenovo K3 Note is equipped running Android 5.0 out of the box. It is further enhanced by VibeUI to top it off. We’re very particular in using the word”enhance” here because the custom skin can provide a variety of fascinating features to the device, unlike others we’ve seen previously. The icons might not have the most appealing visual effect however they’re nothing as bad as the infringement of the bro code colors that we have observed Samsung perform. Let’s say there is a strong emphasis on function over appeal by itself.

Like most brands from China like Gionee, Xiaomi, etc There isn’t an app drawer for K3 Note. K3 Note, though you can change the default launcher with any of your choice in the event you don’t have the usual drawer for apps. It is a good thing that the K3 Note is out of the box, and even the default launcher can support Widgets which is a great feature. There are a variety of apps in the handset out of the box, but the majority of them can be removed in case you don’t want to make use of them. Notification shade Notification shade can be customized according to your preferences and, should that not be sufficient, then you could install themes on the device to completely alter the appearance which includes the default wallpapers, icons, lock screen, and so on. By default the Notification shade comes with almost every shortcut that you could think of with regards to toggles, and it can become confusing. The themes selection is not as extensive as the ones is available on Xiaomi phones however, there are plenty of themes to keep your phone looking new.

The phone has Dual SIM capabilities It also has an extremely clear interface in the messaging and dialer apps that let you know the SIM card was the one to receive which call or message. Like the majority of phones that have Dual SIM Active-Standby it is also able to support Dual SIM Active-Standby. K3 Note also lets you choose your preferred SIM to use for data or make calls. There are many amazing software features here as well, such as you can launch apps on the lock screen and without having to wake the phone, or use a Secure Zone that lets you block certain apps or files from your phone. Double-tap to unlock your phone is a breeze and we experienced no problems with this feature. Another feature that was really cool was the ability to swipe up at the screen that displays your home to any empty space. This opened a keyboard which lets you search for apps using typing, in the event that you don’t want to go through all home screens. The multitasking windows are like what we’ve observed in iOS 8. It has icons for apps following the previews.


It is the Lenovo K3 Note runs the MediaTek 6752 processor which is a chip that is now quite common in mid-range devices like those like the Gionee Elife S7 and Meizu M1 Note. It is a direct rival with Snapdragon 615. Snapdragon 615 chipset, and in our tests of devices that run both chipsets, the 6752 did only a tiny bit better in most benchmarks.

The chipset is true to its promises and provides sufficient performance to K3 Note. K3 Note.

Perhaps we’re too demanding, but an additional gig of RAM added to the 2GB of RAM onboard could have been a huge improvement and the phone showed a few signs of stuttering when we got from a memory-intensive activity (such such as gaming or viewing a lengthy 1080p video). Navigation and browsing on the phone worked fine and there were no checkerboard patterns and frame drop. The phone could play 1080 P videos without issue, and it was surprising that the phone didn’t get too hot either. There was one issue that at first, when we started the device, it just could not connect to WiFi. However, a quick factory reset fixed the problem. Typing on this phone was fantastic due to a well-designed keyboard that has ample keys. The phone calls were clear and clear, and we didn’t experience any dropped calls during the calls we made. Gaming performance was not the most impressive and we experienced some slowdowns, particularly when playing games such as Asphalt 8 and FIFA 15 that require lots of power of the graphics.

The speaker had somewhat of a problem due to its location located on the rear, however it was loud enough when the phone was in our hands. Set your phone upon a soft surface and you will hear muffled sounds however, this is what one would expect from the position. We ran some benchmark tests on the phone, and their scores confirmed our conclusion that the K3 Note indeed is a powerful performer.


Lenovo K3 Note Lenovo K3 Note has the 13-megapixel rear camera that has an f/2.0 aperture. It has a dual-LED flash in the back, but it’s not really giving the authentic skin tone effect that we’ve been used to from Apple models with the same lighting setup. There’s no OIS also, which means that it is important to use steady hands when shooting.

The interface of the camera application is simple, and you can activate the HDR mode as well as the Flashlight directly from the list of quick toggles that have been displayed in the primary screen. It is possible to go into the settings to alter the ISO settings and white Balance and also add gridlines to help make shooting easier. Additionally, there is an inbuilt QR scanner within the camera application, which means you don’t need to download a QR application separately. You can disable the sound of shuttering and utilize your volume buttons to take the image. All of these create a very pleasant experience. However, we did notice that using the volume button caused a very short delay in taking the photo contrasted to the shutter button that is displayed on screen. There’s Panorama and filters that enhance the overall excellent experience when taking photos.

The images on the camera are decent and at times, really great particularly in daylight outdoors. The camera isn’t as good when it is dark or in motion, but this is almost expected. The images are not as sharp as you’d think of from a 13MP sensor, and that’s somewhat disappointing. Macro images came out better than long landscapes. Let’s say that these are the photos which are sufficient to share them on Twitter and Facebook however any more than that and you’ll be able to clearly be able to see how the cameras are limited. The situation is pretty similar for the camera on the front that, while solid isn’t anything spectacular. Skin tones were precise and the details were perfect in brightly lit areas or outdoors, but they were able to throw in anything that seemed to be difficult. A few examples of images from the camera are shown below.

Battery Life

Its 2900mAh battery that is removable on Lenovo K3 Note’s removable battery of 2900 mAh Lenovo K3 Note ensures that the device will last for a full day. It is possible to think that you would get more from a rather large-sized battery however, with two Gmail accounts that are always in sync changing between WiFi and 3G, approximately 2 hours of calls and normal instant message, it came back with 11% of its battery in the evening. We were able to get an Screen on Time of about 4 hours, in the majority of cases however this dropped slightly if we chose to play around. When the phone was on standby, it lost about 2% of its battery on WiFi per hour it was running. It is possible that this could be improved by using Doze in the event that Marshmallow is ever to land on this airstrip.


If you had asked us about a month back about we would have said that the K3 Note would have no doubt been the best phone to choose under the sub-Rs 10,000 range. But, with this phone and the Coolpad Note 3 fishing in the same ocean and a similar price, we’re not certain about this recommendation any more. It’s not a secret that it’s a great phone. K3 Note remains a very good driver, but it is lacking in terms of gaming performance and camera in locations. It certainly delivers more than other phones in its class, with the exception of the Coolpad. Given it is the case that Coolpad is priced at Rs. 1,000 less that K3 Note K3 Note, we cannot imagine that it is possible that the K3 Note has been marginally being beaten out. However it is still a great option in the under Rs 10,000 range and one that you will not regret spending money on, should you choose to go with it.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton