How to Turn Off Grammarly App, Browser Extension and Add-in

Last Updated on 15/11/2022

How to Turn Off Grammarly App, Browser Extension and Add-in

Grammarly is a great tool for web publishers to efficiently examine their writing for spelling and grammar errors. The digital writing tool offers cross-platform support , and comes as a desktop application available for Windows as well as macOS. In addition, the the Grammarly Keyboard application is available to Android as well as iOS users. Grammarly’s browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge is also there. Microsoft Word users on Mac and Windows are also able to download it through this Office add-in.

Maybe, the suggestions and feedback received from Grammarly could be distracting when writing an article where you don’t require it. In this case, you can turn off the Grammarly’s app or extensions to turn it off at present.

Although you are able to completely remove Grammarly completely from the device. It is better for you to disable Grammarly in case you plan to continue using it in the future. It’s really simple to switch on or off Grammarly, and deactivating it is like uninstalling the program or application. After the tool has been shut off, Grammarly won’t show any spelling or grammar checks until you turn it back on.

Let’s see how to turn off Grammarly on the various devices that it is used on.

To disable Grammarly on your iPhone and iPad,

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down, and then look for the Grammarly application.
  3. Click Grammarly before tapping on Keyboards.
  4. Switch off the toggle button right next to Grammarly.

This will eliminate Grammarly out of the keyboard preferences available on the iOS device. You can also switch it off at any point in the future.

Turn off Grammarly on Android

To deactivate Grammarly Keyboard for Android,

  1. Navigate to Settings > System.
  2. Tap Languages and typing > virtual keyboard.
  3. Tap to Manage keyboards.
  4. In the Manage Keyboards section, you’ll be able to see the keyboards that are installed in the Android phone.
  5. Switch off the toggle to Grammarly.

Turn off Grammarly in Microsoft Word and Outlook

There are two methods for disabling Grammarly within Word.

Choice 1 Tap the “Close Grammarly” button visible on the”Home” tab in Microsoft Word at the left side. This will turn off Grammarly temporarily in the open document.

Option 2. 2. Open a document and then click the Grammarly option in Word. After that, tap on the “Log Out” option. Then Grammarly will not check your Word files within Word until you sign back into the Grammarly account.

In the same way, you can also disable Grammarly within Outlook.

Enable the Grammarly extension in web browsers

Turn off Grammarly in Chrome and Chromebook

To disable Grammarly extension in Google Chrome,

  1. Start Chrome, and then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right to launch the menu.
  2. Select More Tools, then Extensions. Alternately, go to extensions:chrome for direct access to the settings.
  3. Look up or search for Grammarly to install the Chrome extensions.
  4. Switch away from the blue switch, and it will change to grey.

Grammarly is now disabled and removed in the Chrome menu, too.

Disable Grammarly in Firefox

  1. Start Firefox and then tap on the menu (hamburger icon) in the upper-right.
  2. Click Add-ons > Extensions. You can also direct go to the add-ons page.
  3. In Manage Your Extensions search for Grammarly for Firefox. Grammarly for Firefox add-on.
  4. Select the blue button to turn off the addon.

You won’t be able to be able to see the Grammarly icon on the Firefox toolbar.

Disable Grammarly in Safari on Mac

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click on the Safari tab on the menu bar, and then select the Preferences.
  3. Click on the Extensions tab.
  4. Uncheck the checkbox next “Grammarly for Safari” to remove this extension. Disable Grammarly on safari
  5. Restart Safari.

Turn off Grammarly on Microsoft Edge

  1. Tap the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner.
  2. Open Extensions. You can also directly go to edge://extensionsor
  3. Find Grammarly on the list of extensions installed.
  4. Select the blue button to turn off the extension.
  5. Restart your browser.

Switch off Grammarly on certain websites

In Gmail

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Grammarly icon on the menu bar of your browser.
  3. Switch off the green light in the area next to “Check for writing suggestions on”.
  4. Grammarly will show an off-symbol while you are in Gmail.

In Google Docs

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Grammarly icon on the bar menu.
  3. Switch away from the slider that is green that says “Check for writing suggestions on”.
  4. Grammarly will be then disabled to use Google Docs.

Note It is necessary to login with the account you have created on your Grammarly Account for the ability to turn it on or deactivate it on your preferred websites.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton