iOS 15: How to Completely Disable Live Text on iPhone & iPad

Last Updated on 13/11/2022

iOS 15: How to Completely Disable Live Text on iPhone & iPad

In all the options, Live Text introduced in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is among the most exciting features. It effortlessly integrates optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities directly within Camera and Photos. Camera and Photos app. iOS 15’s Live Text feature utilizes the on-device’s intelligence to recognize text, such as telephone numbers, emails and addresses within your photos. With Live Text it is easy to copy or select, search the translation, search, and copy text in screenshots, photos, or even notes written in hand. Because of its the tight connection, Spotlight’s Live Text indexing allows you to search for and locate text within your images.

However, the Live Text feature won’t be accessible to everyone as it’s hardware dependent. To utilize the Apple OCR You’ll need the iPhone or iPad equipped with the A12 Bionic chip or later, running iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

How do I disable the iOS 15’s Live Text feature?

Although everything is wonderful with Live Text however, things can become messy when trying to zoom images using text. This is because when you double-tap to zoom in on a picture, iPhone highlights the recognized text, and zooming in isn’t possible. Although you can make use of the pinch-to-zoom gesture in order to overcome this issue but it’s not practical when you use one hand. If you work with lots of text-based images and don’t need the OCR to be activated, then it’s best to turn off Live Text within the Photos application.

How do you disable Live Text in Photos app on iOS 15

Although you can turn off Live Text just for the camera app, there’s no option to disable Live Text. Live Text feature in Photos on iPhone. If you don’t use this Live Text feature frequently then you can turn it off completely. It’s possible to do this by a system-wide setting concealed in a somewhat odd location.

To completely eliminate Live Text to permanently eliminate Live Text iOS 15, and iPadOS 15, go to Settings > General > Language & Region. Turn off the toggle in front of ” Live Text“. This will eliminate Live Text from the Photos app, Safari’s context menu, and also from the Camera application.

How do you remove Live Text in Camera on iOS 15

Although you cannot remove Live Text OCR only for the Photos application, you can disable it for the Camera application alone. To do this, go into Settings and then Camera. Then, turn off the switch to “Show Detected Text” or “Live Text”.

Be aware that the “Show Detected Text toggle option will not be available if you’ve already switched off the setting that is system-wide to display Live Text.

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