Do You Need to Code to Use WordPress

Last Updated on 11/11/2022

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Are you ready to start your website? That’s great to hear. Now you find yourself beginning to worry about how hard it might be to make your site. 

Can you do it? Will you need to learn to code? Read on to find out what it takes to make your website on WordPress. 

Do You Need to Code? Quick Answer: No.

You don’t have to learn how to code to use WordPress. The whole site is straightforward to use, and it is incredibly intuitive. WordPress makes it simple to create your page and publish your content without knowing anything about coding. 

The whole system can work with just point and click tech. Nowhere in the creation process do you have to use any coding at all. You don’t sacrifice style either. You can do everything you want, including adding video, images, products, and articles without using code. 

WordPress works a lot like a word processing program. You can set fonts and style at the top bar with just a click of a button. If you can use Office, you can use WordPress.


The WordPress templates let you create the page quickly and easily. There are free options and paid-for page designs that you can choose from for your site. You can customize colors and fonts on many of these templates.

You can make your whole site look professional without having to create the entire thing from scratch.  

Longer Answer: Still No, But It Doesn’t Hurt.

You never have to use coding, especially to get started. However, WordPress gives you the option to see the coding for the page and to edit directly in the coding. 

Though it isn’t necessary, some people claim it is faster to code. You can use HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript to write code for WordPress

Edit Themes   

You don’t need coding for WordPress, but if you have some coding skills or learn some along the way, you can do some cool things. 

One of the major things you can do is customize the theme. You can make one from scratch or edit any of the available themes to make them unique. It is one way to make them stand out. 


WordPress allows you to make your whole website without knowing a word of coding. Everything on the site is point and click. It functions very similarly to a word processing program, so almost everyone can use it. 

If you want to customize it and add unique features, coding can help. However, if you never learn any coding, you can still have a Wonderful website for your company. 

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Scott Poole

Scott Poole

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