How to Double Click on iPhone 11 to Install Apps from App Store

Last Updated on 05/11/2022

How to Double Click on iPhone 11 to Install Apps from App Store

There has been a lot of change since Apple introduced its iPhone X in 2017. The iPhone X is the latest version of this device. iPhone X and newer iPhones there’s no home button, and consequently there is no Touch ID and. It is replaced by the Side button found on iPhone 8 and earlier whereas Face ID replaces Touch ID. If you have the iPhone X or later, then you must make use of gestures to navigate your phone perform multi-tasking, lookup, get access to Control Center, multitask Control Center and much more.

If you’ve made the switch to iPhone 11 from iPhone 8 or earlier, you might initially have difficulty trying to understand the new features and controls. A common issue is when the App Store requires users to “Double-Click to Install” while installing applications. In the same way, it displays “Double-Click to Confirm” for new subscriptions, and “Double-Click to Pay” when you pay with Apple Pay.

On earlier iPhones you can authenticate the app download or an through an in-app purchase with Touch ID. But, this isn’t the case with iPhone 11 series. iPhone 11 series that uses Face ID.

What does double-click mean on iPhone?

The pop-up with a double-click that you get when installing an app or purchasing a product is actually an additional way to confirm any purchases made by app or subscriptions. It is also displayed when you download free applications through App Store. App Store. The reason for this second step is to stop users from downloading applications accidentally and making purchases that are not intended to be made with Face ID..

How do you double-click on iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?

If a Double-click to Install/Confirm/Pay pop-up is displayed, just click the Side button (physical button located on left side) repeatedly. After confirming that you have done so, the iPhone will verify your identity by using Face ID and let you install the app you want to install.

Personally, I did not struggle to understand the double-click feature, even as a new iPhone (11) users. However some people are confused and then end up double-clicking the white animated screen, which appears on the top of the right.

We could be able to blame Apple for this, as the instructions on screen aren’t precise. The message displayed could read “Double-Click the Side button to Install”. Thankfully , in iOS 13, Apple has added an “Confirm with Side Button” message to on the right side of the display, to simplify things.

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton