Guide to Download and Install Fonts in iOS 13 on iPhone & iPad

Last Updated on 07/10/2022

Guide to Download and Install Fonts in iOS 13 on iPhone & iPad

Although you aren’t able to alter the fonts you use on your system, iOS 13 and iPadOS devices offer some flexibility for their users to allow users to install fonts from third party sources to be used in other applications like Word or chat apps.

To accomplish this, it’s difficult. Follow these steps to ensure that you can display your unique fonts to your acquaintances.

Download and install an app to install fonts

There are a variety of excellent font applications available through the App Store. Some require you to pay for their services, some allow you to use their complete service for free of charge. iFont can be one of these apps with the option of removing advertisements at $0.99.

We’ll be focusing on iFont from now on since it’s the most suitable choice for the majority of users. The steps should be applicable in the event that you choose an alternative font installer application.

To begin to get started, start by typing ” iFont” in the App Store search bar, and download the application. After you have installed the app, open it. install it.

Find fonts on Google Fonts

The app itself isn’t enough. You need to download the fonts you’d like to utilize. Click on the ” Get fonts” button located at in the lower right corner of your application view to display the fonts you can download from the Google Fonts collection.

The search option located at the top of the page is helpful when you are trying to locate particular fonts. Click ” Get” to download the font that you like. It is possible to download as many fonts as you like.

In the event that Google Fonts doesn’t get you the font you like then you can try searching on the internet instead. Go to an online font download site like iOS Fonts and download your preferred fonts. The font is typically available in an .zip, .otf, .otf extension file. There is an option to ” Open in iFont” or something similar after you have downloaded it.

Install the Fonts

The downloaded fonts can’t be used as of yet. To use them, first you must install them.

For iFont For iFont, click ” Files” at the bottom of the app view, and you’ll be able to be able to see the list of fonts that have been downloaded files.

Select a font to view a preview of the font in use. If you’re satisfied with the way the font appears you can click ” Install“. If you wish to install several fonts at the same time then select ” Select All“.

There will be an alert box. Just tap on the “Install Font” button and choose “Allow” in the alert.

The font you’re using isn’t yet installed. Go to your Settings application on your Apple device, then click ” General” > ” Profiles“. Select the font that is listed under the profile you downloaded.

After that, tap ” Install” and then enter your passcode to continue. There may be a message that your profile isn’t authentic, but this is only because it was created through your mobile. There’s nothing to worry about.

When you’re done, click ” Install” once more and you’re done.

Then, you can utilize the fonts that are installed!

Once all of the steps above have been completed the fonts you have installed will be displayed in the menu for fonts of a variety of applications.

If you’d like to test these, you can open any application that allows you to write text, for instance, Mail. Click on the ” Fonts” button on near the bottom of your keyboard, and choose the font you have just installed. Alternately, there’s an ” <” button to the right of the keyboard. Tap it.

Click to the ” Fonts icon (Aa)” then click ” Default Font” to view the list of fonts installed as well as default fonts.

Are you not satisfied by the fonts? You can remove them

If you’d like to remove the installed fonts You can do it by opening in the Settings app, then tap ” General” > ” Profile“. There will be a list of the profiles for font configuration.

Select one profiles, then click ” More Details” Then tap ” Remove Profile” to remove the font.

We hope that you find this guide useful.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton