How to View and Save Twitter Images in Original Size

Last Updated on 19/11/2022

How to View and Save Twitter Images in Original Size

As a social media site as and a microblogging platform I am more a fan of Twitter more than every other popular social media platform and have been actively posting on Twitter for the past 10 years. We all know that images and pictures are essential for web users, users such as us and much more. Therefore, I frequently find the necessity of downloading images from Twitter to be able to use it elsewhere, or simply save it to the gallery for later viewing.

The main issue is that the images posted on social media websites are compressed and resized, thereby decreasing their quality to a certain point. After using Twitter for a long time I was thinking that images could not be saved in their original sizes. It wasn’t until recently that I learned about it , and decided that it was worth sharing.

To test it the feature, I uploaded an DSLR image with an image resolution of 6000×4000 via Twitter’s web interface. In general, anyone can download the standard size of an image simply by clicking on it and saving the image. To download a larger version, you need to click on the image within the tweet, and save it. But, getting the size that the image was originally displayed on Twitter isn’t easy, however it is possible. Find out how!

Downloading images from Twitter in their original size

The normal version of the image in a brand new tab. Simply add the word “orig” to the URL of the image and press enter. After that, right-click it and save the image in your downloaded files. Be sure to name and alter the extension of the file download image.

If you’re viewing an image that is larger than the original image, replace the large image with an orig to display your original picture.

To give you an idea to get an idea, we looked at the size and resolution of images in various versions.

  • Normal – 1200px x 800px | 156KB
  • Large – 2048px x 1365px | 385KB
  • Original – 4096px x 2730px | 1.5MB
  • Uploaded – 6000px x 4000px | 10.5MB

Users who frequently save photos are able to use the Google Chrome extension which offers a variety of customization options and makes the job much simpler.

It is important to note that even the original version has been reduced and resized, but there is a significant distinction when you compare the features with the standard or larger version.

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How do I download images in their original size on new Twitter

update (13 September , 2019) – Following the introduction of the new Twitter desktop apps and mobile, the process to save photos in the original sizes has been slightly altered. In contrast to the past, you do not need to change the name of images after saving them to your computer. This is because the images are now saved with a .jpeg extension, and you can look them up immediately. Let us now guide you through the steps.

  1. Open the original Version of the picture that you would like to save. To do this, right-click on the image and choose “Open Image in New Tab”.
  2. Change the expression “small” with “orig” in the URL of the image and press enter. You can also substitute small for “large” if you prefer smaller sizes.
  3. Click right-click on the image to copy it into the location you want it.

That’s it. The image you download will be saved at the highest resolution available and also in JPEG format.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton