2 Ways to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone 12

Last Updated on 15/10/2022

2 Ways to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone 12

The requirement to boot the iPhone to recovery mode could occur when your device isn’t functioning as it should. Recovery Mode can help iOS users to resolve different issues with the iPhone and iPad such as a the screen becoming unresponsive or frozen, iPhone stuck on Apple logo or loading screen. You can also use the recovery mode to repair the iPhone that is stuck in a loop of booting after an unsuccessful software update. This is useful in situations where a hard reset isn’t going to aid, or even if you have forgotten your Guided Access password.

Whatever the reason may be it is important to be aware of how to put your iPhone in recovery mode in order to resolve the issue. To make it easier, this is a short guide on how to enter recovery mode of iPhone 12 and get out of recovery mode on iPhone 12, both with and without iTunes.

Requirements include a PC or a Mac and Lightning cable.

Method 1: Using iTunes or Finder

Note Note: This method is only available to iPhone 8 and iPhones with Face ID support.

  1. Make sure you connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac using an Lightning cable.
  2. The “Trust This Computer” pop-up will appear if you’re connecting to your iPhone to the internet for the first time. Click “Trust” and enter your iPhone password to continue.
  3. Release the button quickly and press again. volume up button.
  4. Release the button quickly and press again. volume down button.
  5. Hold and press your side button. It is important: Continue holding the Side button until the black screen appears, and even when you are able to see an Apple logo.
  6. Press the side button once you see the “Connect with computer’ or iTunes screen in your iPhone. This means that your device is in recovery mode.

That’s it. iTunes as well as the Finder (on macOS Catalina and Big Sur) will now display an option to update and/or Restore your iPhone. Select the option that best suits your needs.

Note Be sure you press and release the volume buttons quickly in intervals, as not doing this will result in opening Siri rather than the Power Off menu.

To end the recovery mode of the iPhone 12, press and hold the Side button until the screen for recovery mode disappears. Press and release the side button once you get a black screen, and the device will start normally. Enter the passcode to unlock the device and get access to your home screen.

Method 2: Using ReiBoot with no physical buttons (Easy Method)

This method is compatible with all iPhones with Face ID and Touch ID.

  1. Get ReiBoot to install on your computer or Mac.
  2. Start the program, attach your iPhone to your computer with an Lightning cable, and then unlock it.
  3. Select the ‘Enter/Exit Recovery Mode’ option.
  4. Make sure the device’s in use to the internet and is acknowledged by ReiBoot.
  5. Click Enter under “One Click for Recovery Mode’ in order to put your device in recovery mode.
  6. Take a few seconds until you can see your Restore screen appear on the screen of your iPhone.

To end recovery mode Follow the above steps and then click ‘One Click for Exiting Recovery Mode’ instead in step 5.

About ReiBoot

ReiBoot from Tenorshare offers a user-friendly method to fix and repair various issues with software for iOS devices. It is a godsend in the event that your hardware controls don’t work and you’re trapped within recovery mode. Additionally, it’s simpler and faster to complete the same task using ReiBoot instead of the standard method (Method number 1).

Its free trial version of ReiBoot allows you to access and exit in the Recovery mode for every iOS devices with no restrictions. You must purchase an Pro licence ($45) to gain access to additional premium features provided by the software. It’s available on Windows as well as Mac and also works for iPhone 12 running iOS 14.4.

Key Features

  • One-click method to enter/exit Recovery Mode with iTunes (100 100% Free)
  • Fix iOS System – Download and install the most recent firmware or the official Version of IPSW file.
  • Downgrade iOS beta to the most recent stable version without losing data.
  • Repair the errors 4013/4005 in order to restore or update your iOS device using iTunes.
  • Reset the device back to default settings if the iPhone isn’t turning on or you have forgotten the password.
  • Supports tvOS – Fix Apple TV stuck on the Apple logo Airplay mode, the recovery screen.

Let us know which methods worked for you without any problem.

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