FamiSafe Review 2020: The Best Parental Control App

Last Updated on 15/11/2022

FamiSafe Review 2020: The Best Parental Control App

The HTML0arental Control applications are a great method to monitor your child’s activities while giving them the ability to browse the internet, study and communicate with their peers. They function in the same way as digital Wellbeing apps, but specifically for children. Although there are plenty of apps for monitoring parents, FamiSafe by Wondershare looks promising.

Through FamiSafe Parents particularly those who work can maintain an eye on their children and protect their children from the dangers of cyberbullying. It is available on the iPhone and Android This full-featured application has a variety of functions. Famisafe is cross-platform, which means it is possible to track the location of an Android device with the iPhone and vice versa.

Disclosure: The article has been sponsored by Wondershare the company that developed FamiSafe.

What is HTML0? How does FamiSafe works?

Parents must install Famisafe on their phone and sign in to their account. The app will then ask who is using the device, the parent or the child. Select the parent on your device, and then proceed to add your child. The application also must be installed on the kid’s device. The parent must login with the Famisafe account and then select the child as the device’s user. After you have gratified all the necessary permissions to the children’s device, you’re ready to remote access the device via your smartphone.

Users are able to join multiple gadgets to a single parent account in order to keep track of all devices using the same app. This is possible because the Famisafe application comes with an option to switch between children profile.

Additionally, there’s the option of locking the app using a PIN on the device that is parent to stop any unauthorized modifications or access.

Let’s discuss the many interesting features provided through Famisafe. Famisafe parental control application.

Key Features of FamiSafe

Location Tracking

  • Track real-time GPS position The app displays the current location of your device on a map, along with the date the device last was used. It is recommended to use this feature when you need to as it could result in a substantial battery drain on your child’s device.
  • The Location History Find the time spent at a specific location and see every place the child has visited to learn about their daily routine.
  • Geofences Create geofences and get notifications when your child enters or leaves a specific area. For instance, you could create the campus of your school as geofence and be alerted when your child is about to enter or leaves the school.

Activity Report

  • Monitoring phone activities Check the timeline of all applications used by the child including details like the time of use and chronological order. You can also look up older documents and also the exact amount that battery is remaining.
  • Time spent on screen Screen time Famisafe allows parents to view the entire screen time in order to determine the length of time their child was using their device. It’s possible to also view use of apps by categories like social, productivity, or arcade. In addition, you can view daily or weekly, as well as 15 days and the monthly screen time. This will allow you to find the daily average use.
  • Check the most popular apps The user-friendly interface of the Famisafe application makes it simple to see the total use or screen time of individual apps. This will help you be aware of which apps that your children use the most. This list is also handy to view the applications installed on your child’s device.
  • View deleted and installed apps – The activity report also provides details when a child installs a brand new app or removes an app from their existing one. If you think that the app installed to be infringing or harmful, you can disable the app.

Restrict and Control

  • Set a screen time limit with Famisafe parents can set an hourly screen time limit to limit daily use of the whole device. For example, you could define a time limit for screen usage that is 2 hours or 5 hours or even more.
  • Set limits rules Parents can modify the rules for app usage to control the list of block and unblocked apps according to their preferences. This allows you to let your child use specific apps even when they exceed the screen time limit. As of default, just the system apps like Phone Camera, Messages and Gallery are not blocked.
  • Screen blocker – Famisafe lets parents completely disable or block their child’s device for an indefinite period by a single click. When the screen is not blocked by the child, they can ask the parent’s permission to access.
  • Limit certain categories of apps or apps You may also block specific apps, but not completely block your child’s tablet or phone. This is a fantastic way to limit access to only the games or apps your child is addicted to. You can also restrict specific categories of apps like entertainment, social and video players. Parents also can set strict rules regarding blocked apps.

Advanced Rules

Set an annual limit for specific apps – You can set timers for the day to limit the amount of time your child spends using an app during the day of. If the timer is over access to the app is suspended for the remainder all day. Additionally, there is an option to Repeat option that allows you to apply the rule of screen time limits for other days of the week.

Restrictions Schedule – Famisafe allows you to block an app during an arbitrary time period by choosing a start and an end. For example, you could restrict your child from playing the most addicting games and apps during studying, outdoor time or at night.

  • Remove protection Your child cannot remove Famisafe on their devices unless they have the username and password for the Famisafe account.
  • Web filter Block websites according to categories to stop your child from accessing inappropriate content. You can also create an exception to block or permit the use of a specific web page.

YouTube App Control

YouTube is without doubt among the top popular apps for kids and teens on devices. Although parents are able to completely restrict access to YouTube but this isn’t a good idea however. Instead, you can set parental restrictions in YouTube to monitor your child’s YouTube activities.

Through YouTube Parental Controls you will be able to view YouTube watch history and the URL to each video your child has watched. You can block certain YouTube videos, or completely restrict access to a specific YouTube channel.

Explicit Content Detection

This feature allows parents to be aware of suspicious messages by linking their child’s social media accounts to Famisafe. It warns you of possible issues by identifying suspicious messages in your child’s text message or chat.

In addition, it permits users to add offensive words to the database of detection. The app then sends you alerts on keywords in real-time when it finds suspect words on your children’s devices.

Be aware that you will not be able to view the chat conversations of your child.

Notification and Alerts

The Notification tab on Famisafe will keep you informed of the activities of your child by sending important alerts. For instance, if your child attempts to access an app or site that is blocked or request, goes over the geofence, or an unsavory image is found within the phone. The app will also notify parents when the GPS for kid devices is off, and also when the battery of their phones is less than 20 percent.

You can also alter the settings for notifications if you want to.

Our Verdict

FamiSafe is a comprehensive solution for monitoring your children their daily activities without having to remind you to keep track of their location. It has a sleek and user-friendly interface, making the initial setting up and tracking process easy for parents who aren’t tech-savvy.

The app is packed with useful features that you can effectively use. Famisafe also provides an excellent flexibility to modify the blocking control as you want. After the configuration is completed it is no longer necessary to physically connect to the child’s device. It is possible to manage and monitor virtually everything from a distance.

Pricing A monthly plan of Famisafe costs just $10 per month and includes support for up to five devices. You can also choose an annual or quarterly plan which is much less expensive and includes more devices. Anyone who is interested in signing up can join for a free three-day trial period to test the application.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton