Find who Retweeted your tweets & Retweets made by you

Last Updated on 09/11/2022

Find who Retweeted your tweets & Retweets made by you

Retweet is a brand new feature that was recently launched by Twitter. Its Retweet (RT) function allows users quickly share information they find interesting, over to their followers with just one click.

This morning, I’m searching for an opportunity to discover the people who tweeted my posts, and decided to share the information with our readers as well. Look below for more details:

1. Log into Twitter and then open your Twitter homepage.

2. Select the Retweets option on the right-hand sidebar.

3. There are now three columns: the retweeted tweets of those you follow, who you’ve retweeted and people who retweeted your tweets!

Select any column, and you’ll be able to see the user’s avatar of the profile by whom it was tweeted.

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Update – You can visit this link to directly see who retweeted your tweets, and to see retweets by you.

Version 22 – Find out who has Retweeted your tweets on New Twitter. How To

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton