How to Get Your Phone Notifications on Fitbit Versa

Last Updated on 12/11/2022

How to Get Your Phone Notifications on Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is a fantastic fitness watch with a variety of intriguing features, in addition to letting you monitor your health and physical exercise. The Versa is built-in to support notifications, to let users read messages from text messages, respond to calls and see notifications from apps on the watch. But, sometimes notifications cease to function on the device, and this could be due to a variety of reasons. Without getting into the details we’ll look at how to resolve the issue with notifications on the Fitbit Versa.

Receive Calls, SMS, Email, and App Notifications on Fitbit Versa

STEP 1 – Verify your Android phone settings

Open Settings, then Notifications, where you’ll see the various apps available. Turn off notifications on all the services you wish for your device to be notified. This will ensure that you’re receiving notifications from your phone to ensure they are delivered to the Fitbit Versa. To receive, for instance, WhatsApp notifications on your Versa you’ll need to first be able to receive notifications on your smartphone.

Turning on Notifications for Calls, Messages, and Email

Under notifications you can open the Fitbit app and turn on notifications for all the categories, in the event that they’re not enabled. Also, enable the notifications for the Messages and Email (Gmail), and the Phone application. Check that the settings for”On the lock screen” is set to “On” “On the lock screen” option is set to “Show all notification content”. This will enable your phone to receive notifications even when it’s locked.

If you are using an email application, make sure you have the toggle for notifications on for all accounts that are added. In addition, go to the Email tab > Importance , and switch it to urgent or high. This will enable your phone to send emails on a priority.

STEP 2 – Disable DND and Background Limits

Turn off Do Not Disturb

Check that you’re in the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode is off. This is because your phone will not be able to send notifications when DND is turned on. If you prefer you can turn on your phone to use the “Override Do Not Disturb” setting in the notification settings of these apps. So, you will continue to get notifications from your smartphone and Fitbit Versa, even when DND is turned on.

Allow the Fitbit application to work in background

The Fitbit application should run in background to access features such as daily sync and notification in real time. But, this can impact the battery longevity that your smartphone has. Alternately, you can manually connect your Fitbit Versa to your phone by using your Fitbit app.

To turn off the background limitation of the Fitbit app, open the settings on your phone’s battery > Battery Optimization. Find Fitbit and change it in the setting “Don’t optimise”. NOTE: The setting may look different on your phone.

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STEP 3 – Verify Fitbit Versa Settings

Check that the “Screen Wake” option is set to auto as well as “Notifications” are turned on. To enable this Press while holding the button back on your device then swipe to the left access quick settings. Then, tap to activate both options, if they’re disabled. Setting the screen’s wake-up time to auto allows you to activate the screen by moving your wrist towards you. When you turn on notifications, it will let the watch display notifications from your phone.

Setting up Notifications on the Fitbit App

If you’re still having problems with synchronization, you’ll must set those settings in your device and your Fitbit application. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Check that Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Check you’re Versa is connected to Bluetooth.
  3. Start the Fitbit app, then tap the account icon on the top of the screen and then select your watch.
  4. Click the Notifications button.
  5. Select the notifications you wish to allow and then a specific application for each. For instance, you can choose Text messages for messages. Dialer to make calls Gmail to send emails, as well as Google Calendar for Calendar events.
  6. On Fitbit Versa You can also enable App Notifications, and choose the apps you would like to receive notifications from. You can also customize the quick responses for all apps.
  7. In the Sync settings in the Fitbit app, select”All-Day Sync” and then tap “All-Day Sync” option and tap “Sync Now”.

That’s it! Now you should be receiving alerts on the Fitbit Versa. If not, restart both your Versa and smartphone. Try syncing them again.

Check if notifications are working or not.

To send a you must go to the Notifications section of the Fitbit application on your smartphone. Click the three dots on the top of the screen and then click on “Send a Test Call Notification”. Now you should see an incoming call notification appear on your Versa. Be aware that Versa can allow you to take or deny calls when it’s connected with the iPhone as well as an Android phone that runs 8.0 Oreo or later. On older versions of Android you are able to only block calls.

How to See Notifications on Fitbit Versa

If your phone and watch have been placed in a 30 foot of each other and are connected to each other, the watch will be vibrating when you receive a message. It is possible to read the message by rotating your wrist. You can also check the notifications later on by sliding down on the home screen or on the clock when the watch is in use. Be aware that the Versa can store up to 30 notifications , and following that, it replaces older notifications with the latest ones.

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