Fix Google+ Hangouts Error ‘Couldn’t sign in..’ on Android

Last Updated on 23/11/2022

Fix Google+ Hangouts Error 'Couldn't sign in..' on Android

Google has launched the Hangouts service as a single messaging system for its users, and has also released an exclusive Hangouts application available for Android as well as iOS. Hangouts provide a common platform for video and text chats. It is also a replacement for the GTalk application on Android. However, it is true that the switch to the Hangouts application to Android was not smooth, as a lot of users weren’t able to install the app or faced various other problems. However, it appears that everything will be working now that the update to Hangouts is rolling out.

If are an Android user who has root and previously used something similar to Titanium Backup to uninstall Talk from your phone and then downloaded the new Hangouts application from Google Play or via APK If you do, you may encounter an error when you try to login into Hangouts that says “Couldn’t login because we were unable to connect to Google. Retry.”

If you’re experiencing the error above and are not able to connect to Hangouts on Android There is an easy fix for this issue.

1. Open the phone’s Settings, Apps and Services > Google Play Services > Google Play Services

2. Click to select the “Uninstall updates” option for Google Play services. Google Hangout will now automatically request that you upgrade Google Play services.

3. Install the latest version of Google Play Services from Google Play.

4. Open Google Hangout, it should login and function perfectly.

The solution above was a success to us. So please test it!

Source: Android Central

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton