Free Skitch Android App – Annotate, Edit & Share Photos

Last Updated on 10/11/2022

Free Skitch Android App - Annotate, Edit & Share Photos

Evernote is purchased the intriguing Mac application ‘Skitch’. in addition to offering the app for free to use on Mac, evernote has also launched the Free Skitch app for Android. Skitch on Android is an enjoyable incredible and amazing application that lets users capture photos, add annotations to drawings, create images and easily share them via their smartphone.

Skitch is an excellent application to quickly and easily capture a photo of something, or open a saved image to add interesting and important things to it. It has a easy and user-friendly interface that includes a range of vital options and settings that allow you to modify the image to your liking without needing any technical expertise. This is only the initial release of Skitch for Android that will be upgraded and improved in the future.

The home screen of Skitch offers three choices: snap a photo or load images from your library, or begin with a blank canvas. Snap a photo and create an arrow, or include a caption, and then upload it to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. There are two rows of options within the application, namely the action bar as well as the toolbar.

Action Bar: Action Bar includes:

  • Home Returns you to your home screen.
  • Trash: You can either erase a chosen item or erase the entire screen by holding and tapping the option.
  • Undo/Redo: Move back or forward your annotations.
  • Share Annotated image using other applications installed in your gadget.
  • Email to Evernote The option is available in the event that you have Evernote installed.

Tool Bar includes: Tool Bar comprises:

  • Size and color popover Click this button to select the color and the thickness for your object.
  • Highlighter and pencil The pencil lets users to draw freehand designs using your fingers or stylus. Hold and tap to reveal the highlighter tool that creates semi-transparent lines to highlight.
  • Arrow Arrow: Show off the top stuff using the Arrows Skitch is famous for.
  • Select Tap on any object, and then drag it around to alter its location.
  • Type This tool allows you to include text in your images.
  • Shape Tap and hold to select the shape you want and then drag your finger across the screen to draw it.

Press the menu button, then choose the menu button and selectSettings for advanced settings, such as the opacity of the highlighter and scaling.

Evernote is working on bringing Skitch on the iPhone, iPad and other important platforms.

Download Skitch for Android via [Evernote Blog]

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton