Get Free license code of Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 09

Get Free license code of Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 09

Computer Bild is again offering an unrestricted license to Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 09 for Windows 7 users. Kaspersky Security Suite CBE is quite like Kaspersky Internet security 2010.

Follow these steps carefully to get an unrestricted license for free:

1. Sign up on to enter your information using the image shown below. Mark the first checkbox and then click the ‘Registrieren the button.

2. You’ll be sent an email with an acknowledgement link. Click the link to confirm your account.

3. When you click on the hyperlink in the email, you’ll be able to see details as in the image below. Mark the second checkbox, then click on the ‘Licenseschlussel anfordern”‘ button.

4. After submission the form, an activation license number is sent you by email.

5. In your inbox and you’ll see an email with an email with the no-cost license number for Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 09 and Win7.

6. download and install Kaspersky Security Suite CBE09, then register it with the license number you received.

NOTE: The installation file is in the German version, which a lot users may find difficult to use. However, don’t fret. Ramakanth Techno360 Techno360 has provided a specific steps on how do you install CBE 09 and change the version of CBE 09 of German into the English language.

The license key gives you 82 days following activation. However you can renew your license on this website and requesting a new license.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton