How to Change Windows 8 Product Key to Activate Later

Last Updated on 14/11/2022

How to Change Windows 8 Product Key to Activate Later

The long-awaited “Microsoft Windows 8′ – Windows reinvented was launched globally yesterday. However it was announced that the RTM version of Windows 8 was made available in mid-August for MSDN as well as TechNet subscribers. If you’re using the final version of Windows 8 RTM without activation then the presence of a watermark, activation prompts and a few personalization options that aren’t working could be affecting the enjoyment of the latest OS. It is possible to overcome these issues through making sure you activate the activation of your Windows 8 copy now!

Evidently, Windows 8 doesn’t require an activation code during installation. Instead, it’s enough to input an installation key that is valid to proceed with the installation process. It’s not enough to make it possible to activate the Windows 8 OS as you must input a valid license key in order for your Windows 8 copy to be activated. It was a bit surprising that after a while, we realized the absence of an way for you to input the product key or modify the product key and there was no method to activate the OS. This is likely to happen when you install Windows 8 from a volume license media.

It is possible to confirm this by opening Settings in the Charms Bar > Settings for PC > activate Windows. You will see a message that reads:

“Windows cannot be activated right this moment. You can try activating Windows later. If the issue continues Contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support on the internet to enable Windows .”

OR Below the error on Classic desktop:

Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b

DNS Name is not available

If you’re experiencing this error, then you aren’t able to enter the product key since there’s no way to do this. There is fortunately an easy fix.

Method 1. This removes the current installed product key and restores the license status to its trial status. Start CMD (Run in Administrator mode) and type in the following command:

Slmgr upk

Go to Activate Windows in Metro UI PC Settings and enter the code. Be sure to connect to the Internet when you activate.

Method 2

Start the Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) and type the following command. You can now activate your Windows by using the Control Panel Activation wizard or Modern UI.

slmgr.vbs -ipk YOUR-PRODUCT-KEY-HERE

Method 3 Open Run and type in the instruction: slui 3

Windows Activation Dialog will pop up. Enter a product code for activation of Windows.

Hope you find this article useful.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton