How to Charge iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max

Last Updated on 16/10/2022

How to Charge iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max

Have you purchased the latest iPhone 14 and were surprised to discover that there was no charger included in the box? Similar to iPhone 13, like iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 range is not equipped with charging ports. The first time this happened was with the release of the iPhone 12 when Apple decided to offer newer iPhones with an adapter for power and EarPods. The new collection of older iPhones, including those with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are now missing the standard charger. Therefore, it is now only available on the iPhone 14 box now includes only one accessory, i.e. the USB-C to Lightning cable that supports fast charging.

Are you thinking about what the reason is for Apple does not include a charger inside the iPhone 14 box? It’s not unusual to assume that it is because it is the case that iPhone 14 is sold without charging port despite its price.

It appears that Apple has taken away the charging brick as well as EarPods as an attempt to reduce the amount of the amount of e-waste. The removal of the wall charger and headphones makes the iPhone’s packaging considerably smaller. The lighter and smaller boxes also permit Apple to deliver 70% more items on a pallet for shipping. Apple claims that these improvements will reduce carbon emissions annually by more than 2 million tons.

There are many ways for charging an iPhone 14

How do I charge my iPhone 14? However, current iPhone and iPad users can utilize their USB-A to Lightning cable and power adapter to charge their iPhone. However, the charging process for an iPhone 14 isn’t easy especially if this is the first iPhone or you don’t have a USB-C charging device. In this case, purchasing the official USB-C charger offered by Apple is your best option.

To make life easier to make things easier, we’ve provided a variety of methods you can recharge your iPhone 14 14, 14 Plus Pro, 14 Pro and Pro Max. Pro Max.

Charge your iPhone 14 using an old charger

As with its predecessors, the iPhone 14 comes with a Lightning port to charge. If you own an older iPhone then you can connect the existing Lightning to USB-A cable along with the USB-A standard adapter for charging the iPhone 14. Apple’s USB charger 5W can be useful for charging the iPhone over the course of a night because it takes a lot longer to fully recharge the battery.

In addition, you can utilize external USB-C power adapters from third parties that are compatible with USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) as well as are compliant with Apple’s safety guidelines.

Charge your iPhone 14 using your iPad charger

Based on the model, iPads are equipped with the 12W, 10W, 18W, and 20W power adapters in the box. If you have an iPad you can use the iPad charger to quickly charge your iPhone 14.

But, be aware it is only that the 18W or 20W iPad chargers support output via USB-C. Thus, the most efficient choice is to use one of them in conjunction with the USB-C to Lightning cable.

Make use of a MacBook charger to charge your iPhone 14

MacBooks come equipped with power adapters USB-C that come in capacities of 29W, 30W 61W, 87W and 96W. The latest line-up includes MacBook Air and MacBook Pro includes 35W, 67W, as well as 140W power adapters (varies depending on what model you choose).

Maybe, do you own an MacBook that can charge via USB-C ports? If so, you can connect the Apple’s USB-C adapter. The only drawback is that you need to switch the cables every time you want to charge the MacBook as well as your iPhone.

A Fun Fact Fun Facts about HTML0 Although it might seem risky, it’s secure to use Apple’s higher wattage USB-C adapters for power. The reason for this is because your iPhone as well as the iPad will automatically control the amount of power it will draw from the charger that is plugged in. Furthermore the use of the MacBook charger will ensure that your iPhone is charged at the highest speed.

iPhone 14 using MacBook to charge iPhone 14 using MacBook

Although it’s not the most convenient method, you can recharge the iPhone 14 using MacBook on specific occasions. It’s a good thing that those who have newer MacBooks (with USB-C port) can connect this USB-C Lightning cable that comes by the iPhone. The only drawback is that charging speeds would be a bit slower.

Purchase a new power adapter

If you do not have a compatible wireless or wired charger, then you’ll need to buy an adapter for charging. I would recommend buying one of the power adapters that are official from Apple because they’re fast and reliable. They are also efficient. Here are Apple’s official USB-C adapters you can charge your iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 with the USB-C cable included with the package.

Note For fast charging the battery of your iPhone 14, you need an 20W or greater power adapter. While the adapters listed below work with the majority of iPhone 14 models however, you should consider an adapter with a higher power rating when your iPhone has faster charging speeds.

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Its 20W USB-C charging charger cost just $19 (1900 INR) and allows fast charging. It is compatible when used with standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus because both allow fast charging of up to 20W. In addition to the iPhone 14 lineup, you can also use it alongside other Apple devices, including AirPods, the iPad as well as AirPods.

According to Apple that the power adapter is able to recharge a depleted iPhone battery to up to 50% in about 30 minutes.

Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter

Its 30-watt USB-C power adapter costs 39 dollars (3800 INR) and is the same adapter for power that Apple comes with the latest MacBook Air.

Based on a test conducted on Chongdiantou, the Chinese site Chongdiantou Chongdiantou, it appears that the iPhone 14 Pro Max supports the maximum speed of charging at 27W when connected to 30W or more charging device.

It is therefore recommended to purchase a 30W charger in order to take advantage of the faster charging speed on the 14 Pro Max. For the 14 Pro model, you can choose between either a 30-W, 20W or 20W power source to power it up.

Make use of the MagSafe charger to charge your iPhone 14 wirelessly

Purchase an MagSafe charger which costs 39 dollars (4500 INR) to recharge the iPhone 14 wirelessly without a cable. MagSafe’s MagSafe magnetic charger snaps easily onto the back of the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12. Because the MagSafe charger comes with an USB-C cable built in it is necessary to connect it to an adapter that is compatible with USB-C for wireless charging.

The only downside could be that MagSafe wireless charger is not able to support the speed of wireless charging to 15W.

Use Qi wireless charger

If you have an Qi-certified wireless charger or charging pad, you can use it to recharge wirelessly the iPhone 14 at speeds of up to 7.5 Watts. In addition to Apple retail stores where you can purchase chargers from companies such as Belkin, Scosche, Mophie and Otterbox.

In addition to slow charging speeds, speed of charging will also decrease when using Qi chargers, especially if you’re using a heavy case.

Get a MagSafe Battery Pack

The price is 99 dollars (12100 INR) The MagSafe battery pack by Apple functions as an wireless power bank. It snaps onto on the rear of your iPhone and then charges the iPhone instantly. It makes charging on the go easy since you can put it in your bag or pocket on a trip. The speed of charging on the move is restricted to 7.5W.

If coupled to an adapter with 20W or greater adapter for power When connected to a power adapter of 20W or higher, the MagSafe Battery Pack will also charge an iPhone using as much as 15W through passing-through charging.

A power bank that has USB-C Power Delivery is a more efficient and less expensive option.

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