How to Enable Administrator account in Windows 7 & Vista

Last Updated on 19/11/2022

How to Enable Administrator account in Windows 7 & Vista

For Windows 7 & Vista, Administrator account is turned off by default for security reasons. If you’re an experienced user, and would like to allow the administrator account or activate the administrator account hidden in Windows 7 or Vista Follow the simple method following:

Method 1

Search for “Computer Management” in the search box of the start menu or by typing”compmgmt.msc” compmgmt.msc in the box for searching or running.

In the Computer Management window Navigate into Local Users and Groups, then Users. Double-click on the Administrator account to access its Properties. Check the box that says “Account is disabled” and click Apply and then OK.

Method 2

Look up ‘Local Security Policy” in the search box, or start it by typing the name of the command secpol.msc in the search box or the run box.

In the Local Security Policy window, go to the Local Security Policy > Security Options. Double-click on the entry titled “Accounts: Administrator account status’ for it to display its Properties. Choose the option to enable Click Apply, then OK.

If you have followed any of the methods above After completing any of the above methods, simply Logoff after which Windows will display the Administrator account as well as your user account. Select the one you want to log in.

NOTE Note: It is suggested to create an account password in order to enable the Admin account.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton