OnePlus One – Common Issues and their Fixes

Last Updated on 21/11/2022

OnePlus One - Common Issues and their Fixes

It’s been quite a while since it was last seen. OnePlus One is around and as with any phone it has a some issues that users might face, and thankfully the majority of them are due to software. We thought it was an excellent idea to gather the most common problems and suggest a well-known solution. It is an amazing phone and issues with software should not cause you to shed tears or sever the affection you feel for your phone.

Double-tap to Wake doesn’t work It is one of the most useful features on the phone. It’s so good that people are hooked and spend their time tapping the screens of other phones! However, at times when it doesn’t function as you’d like it to and you are annoyed, it can be a source of frustration. Here are some solutions:

  1. The screen is covered with a thick layer of dust that has accumulated, and the touch isn’t being registered. Clean the screen with a dry, soft cloth or a screen cleaner.
  2. Make sure you are satisfied with the quality of your screen protector because often screen guards that are not of good quality can damage the touchscreen.
  3. In the event that an option has been altered by accident, you can correct it. go into Settings > Display and lights. Make sure that the setting to prevent accidental wake-ups is verified and that Double-tap to wake is verified.

The battery is draining more quickly than normal: OPO is known to provide a solid reserve battery (4-5 hours in SOT). However, there are times when there is an abrupt drop in the efficiency of batteries. Here are some solutions:

  1. Try to disable Auto Sync. Auto Sync option in the Slide Down Toggle Menu options.
  2. Change the Profile settings into Power Saver mode – Go to Settings – Profiling & Performance.
  3. Control your apps more effectively Check for any app that is new and could be consuming the most the battery! Go to Settings and Battery and then force stop the apps that are that are causing the problem. Of course, you should select the apps that are based on your preference.
  4. Reduce the time for turning off your screen to 30 seconds! Go the Settings Display and Lights to sleep.
  5. Re-calibrate. The battery should be completely drained and then charge it for six hours. Then , the next 3 charges will be charged when the battery is at 10%, and then recharge it until it is 100% in one charge.

Screenshot_2015-03-05-12-50-06 Contact Problems There is a reason why every now and then , there is a rush of issues with touch with the OnePlus One and it could be due to a variety of reasons. Here are some tips for you in the event that you experience them.

  1. The phone should be rebooted and your issue will be resolved. What’s the cause, you might ask? We are trying to figure it out, and that’s why OnePlus.
  2. This is a hilarious game however it does wonders. Switch the theme, then return to one of the themes that are preloaded and then restart.
  3. Go to Settings and then Display and Light – Backlight with adaptive. Un-check.
  4. The most recent 50Qupdate appears to have brought about certain issues with touch, so you must either flash an image from the factory or keep an eye out until the update comes around.
  5. Keyboards can give ghost characters or do not detect the gesture. Switch off Gesture typing feature in the appropriate keyboard’s settings.
  6. If you notice ghost-like touches that are not on the keyboard Try unchecking Settings Display and Lights – the Color Enhancement.

opoCharging Problems Many people have complained about slow charging or phones that don’t charge in any way. Here are a few suggestions you might test:

  1. Make sure you insert your plug in the slot of your phone correctly. The white part must be on top.
  2. Try another charger and test. If it does work it may be defective.
  3. Press the volume button and press the power button to enter the recovery mode. Charge.
  4. Switch off the phone, then connect it for six hours before turning it back on.

Screenshot_2015-03-05-18-31-56 GPS lock is not working or too slow The issue was most often in the 44S build and was resolved with the build 50Q. If you are still experiencing the issue, here’s the solution:

  1. Verify that you’ve given access to your location on Google Maps.
  2. Make sure the accuracy of the location is set to the highest level.
  3. Switch between Wi-Fi and data connection to determine if there’s any change.
  4. You can try using the Faster GPS and it will be able to work.
  5. Reboot.

Misc. Problems: There are a variety of other problems, such as phones overheating, yellow hue dead pixels, the phone not booting and charger plugs getting overheated, and other. There isn’t a fixed or appropriate solution to such issues. You may need bring your device or charger to the SVC and let them run tests and determine if you are able to file an issue to have the issue fixed. If you are in a worst-case scenario you can try the Soft Reset and then a Hard Reset to test the results and then take it to the SVC. This is the list of places in India.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton