How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Last Updated on 04/11/2022

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Google Photos

The convenience and security of cloud-based services has prompted the majority of users to upload their images and video to cloud storage. Google Photos is one such well-known service that provides an easy and effective way to store and upload your most memorable images for free. It allows users to backup photos with high-quality (in the case of unlimited free storage) and share them with friends edit them into films and collages, make photo albums and much more.

The photos are uploaded automatically via a smartphone or desktop and can be accessed across various platforms simply by login with the Google account. iPhone and Android phones with small internal storage capacity can reduce the amount of storage on their devices by removing the original images and video from their phones after they have been backed up to Google Photos. This process is extremely convenient and easy.

To the point If you’re looking to retrieve deleted images or images from Google Photos it is possible. This is because, when you delete photos from your account photos are disposed of to the trash or to the bin, which they stay in until 60 days. Within 60 days the objects in the trash are deleted permanently. In the end, you are able to restore deleted images during that time and on both desktop and mobile applications.

Save Photos to Google Photos ‘ trash

To restore deleted pictures from Google Photos, simply visit or navigate to Google Photos website, open the menu and select the “Trash” option. There you will find all the photographs that you have deleted within the last 60 days. Choose the photos you want to restore and then click”Restore. The photos will be immediately restored and you will be able to view photos in the Photos section.

Recover photos permanently deleted

If you’re looking to retrieve images that have been permanently deleted after 60 days, they could be a challenge to retrieve. The situation can arise when you’ve erased photos from your phone or computer storage, as well as Google Photos, including the garbage. If this happens you could try to reach Google Drive’s Google Drive customer support team which is said to use a program to recover deleted images permanently.

When I was browsing through Google Photos forums I found that some users were able to retrieve 95 percent of their deleted photos using Google Drive support. According to reports, the team is able to restore photos for within 21 days of deletion. To make an appeal, you must provide a valid reason when your photographs are missing without reason or error at your side.

To request a recovery to request a recovery, go to for the ” Contact Us” page, then select “Missing or deleted files” and choose either chat or email assistance. You can also call toll-free the Google Drive service.

However, be aware that there’s no guarantee of Google can be in a position to retrieve your images and you cannot be held accountable for the loss of your images unless there’s an issue with the technology.

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton