How to Revert back to Stock MIUI ROM on Redmi 1S

Last Updated on 11/10/2022

How to Revert back to Stock MIUI ROM on Redmi 1S

We recently shared an instruction to “How to Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat based CM11 ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 1S”. Evidently, a lot of users followed our directions for flashing CM11 on their Redmi 1Sphones, and some are now looking to go back to the MIUI v5. MIUI V5. After receiving numerous requests for how to go back to the original MIUI 5 ROM on Redmi 1S, I decided to share the procedure. Although the process is nearly identical to that described in our previous guide but we’re sharing the procedure. You can also install MIUI in a new way, either with the Mi-recovery stock or a custom recovery such as CWM , or even TWRP. Below, you’ll find both options, pick the one that is best for you!

Note: Method 1 will erase all internal storage on your device including any files like media and photos. Therefore, ensure that you back up all of your important information first.

Method 1Installing MIUI 5 on Redmi 1S with CWM Recovery (v6.0.3.6)

1. Download MIUI Stable Full ROM for Redmi 1S-WCDMA Global. The current build is JHCMIBH43.

2. Transfer your download .zip archive to the root directory on your phone’s external storage (/sdcard1).

3. Boot into CWM recovery mode – Turn off the phone , then hit”Power + Volume Up” and “Power + volume up” button at the same time to enter recovery mode.

4. Flashing MIUI ROM

  • Choose ‘Wipe data/ Factory reset’ and then confirm the wipe.
  • Choose the option ‘Wipe cache partition’, and confirm. Proceed to advanced and then “wipe dalvik cache’ as well.
  • Return to the menu and select the option to install zip. Select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and then choose the ‘’ file and install it.
  • Reboot your phone by choosing “reboot system now”. That’s it!

Method 2. 2 Installation of MIUI 5.5.0 on Redmi 1S using the Stock Mi-Recovery

1. Download MIUI Stable Full ROM for Redmi 1S-WCDMA Global.

2. Change the name of the zip file you downloaded in

3. Copy into the directory root on your phone’s storage internal.

4. Reboot into recovery mode – Power off the phone , after that press the “Power + volume up” button at the same time to boot into recovery mode.

5. In recovery mode for Mi you can use the volume keys to navigate, and the Power button to verify. Select English and then choose the option ‘Wipe and Reset’. Then ‘ Wipe User Data‘ and ‘ Wipe Cache‘.

6. Return to the menu, and then select ‘ Install to System‘. Click Yes to confirm, and the update will start installation.

7. Once Update has been installed, return to the Update menu and select Reboot. That’s it!

The phone should start up with the an official MIUI ROM.

Note Be sure to allow a few minutes before the phone starts up for the first time following flashing.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton