How to Uninstall Quick SMS, HiOS and Bling Launcher on Android

Last Updated on 10/10/2022

How to Uninstall Quick SMS, HiOS and Bling Launcher on Android

There are a lot of custom launchers that are free on Android smartphones. With the exception of a few well-known ones, the majority are fake apps that have thousands of downloaded. If you’re not aware, the majority of the apps on Android launchers you can find in Google Play are actually rebranded. It is the parent firm (mostly Chinese firms) release these under sub-brands that have different names.

If these launchers catch your interest and you decide to install them , then you need to start concerned. This is because nearly 90% of the launcher applications that are listed in Google Play are suspicious and could pose an alarming privacy risk. With a myriad of useless tools, these launchers can be described as slow poison for your phone.

Once you have gained access to the basic permissions, these third-party launchers will eventually infiltrate your phone. They could make your phone extremely slow, create a faster battery drain, and alter the look and feel of your home screen. Additionally, annoying pop-ups and excessive full-screen video ads that sound are a common event. In the last week, Google pulled over 600 applications from its Play Store due to annoying ads.

Version TLDR It is recommended to stay clear of Android launchers that look unwelcome and overloaded. It is better to install reputable launchers like Nova Launcher, Google Now Launcher, Microsoft Launcher and Poco Launcher 2.0.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to remove suspicious launchers, especially for people who aren’t tech-savvy. If you’re trying to remove them in the normal way, then there’s no need to worry.

Let’s look at how you can remove apps such as Bling Launcher, Quick SMS Launcher, Emoji Launcher and HiOS Launcher from your Android phone. Be aware the fact that Bling as well as Quick SMS is no longer available in Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

How to Remove Bling Launcher on Android

    1. Navigate to the Settings menu > Applications (Apps and notifications).
    2. Click “See all apps” and search at the Bling Launcher application. The app should appear under the ‘Recently opened apps’ in addition.
    3. Start the application. Uninstall will appear gray at the moment.
    4. Click the button that says “Open by default”. Then , tap on the “Clear Defaults” button.
    5. Click the icon with the x icon on the top right corner to close the pop-up window in the event that it pops up.
    6. The Uninstall option is available from now on. Click “Uninstall” to delete the application. Tap OK to confirm.

That’s it! The default launcher will be enabled.

Similar to that you can also uninstall Quick HiOS Launcher and SMS.

Note If you’re not able to remove the application then first you must disable it as an administrator.

To do this go the Settings > > Security > Device admin applications. Turn off the Bling Launcher toggle. It is now possible to uninstall the launcher with no problem.

How do I switch back to the stock launcher

If you have more than one launchers, ensure that the Stock launcher has been set to be your default launcher. To do this, go into Settings > Applications > Home App > Default Apps. Select the launcher for your system. The settings may differ according to the phone’s customized user interface.

Samsung One UI – Go to Settings > Apps. Click the 3-vertical dots on the top of the screen and choose the default apps. Tap Home screen, then select the Samsung Experience Home.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 – Open Settings > Apps > Manage Apps. Click the three dots in the top-right corner, and then open the default apps. Select Launcher and choose the ‘System launcher’.

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton