How to Dual Boot Remix OS for PC with Windows – Experience Android on Desktop

Last Updated on 16/10/2022

How to Dual Boot Remix OS for PC with Windows - Experience Android on Desktop

Remix OS on PC by Jide in a partnership with the Android-x86 Open Source Project provides the capability to run Android on desktop computers in a highly smooth and efficient manner. Remix OS offers a complete Android experience within an environment that resembles Windows on a PC, making the dream of being able of being able to use Android on a desktop into an actuality. Based on the Android-x86 project, Remix OS for PC offers a new set of flexibility and is compatible with an array of Intel-based PCs.

When installing Remix OS, one can bring new life to your old computer with the rich ecosystem of Android apps that is powered by more than 1.6 million applications. It’s also interesting the fact that Remix OS can be simply installed along with your existing Windows OS in a dual-boot mode. Furthermore, it’s accessible for download and install and timely updates are available.

With its plethora of functional features, paired with more than 1.6 million applications, Remix OS seamlessly merges features, user-friendliness and aesthetics in awe-inspiring ways to provide you with an amazing Android experience. Find out more about it

The beta Version of Remix OS for PC is now available with numerous improvements and more compatibility, 50 major bugs fixed, and brand new features that are worth installing and testing on your computer. The improvements include:

  • Installing on your hard disk (HDD)
  • 32-bit Support
  • UEFI Boot and Legacy BIOS compatible
  • Provides support for over-the-air (OTA) System updates
  • More space for data (up up to 8GB on hard disks as well as up to 64GB with USB flash drives)
  • Faster USB boot-up
  • Terminal app is pre-installed and ready for developers

In contrast to its alpha version, which only allowed installation on an USB flash drive The beta version allows you to download Remix OS on a hard drive or SSD, ensuring you can run it using Windows OS in a dual-boot mode. It is important to note that the tool currently is only compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, with a minimum capacity of 8GB. Before I proceed I’d like to say that the installation was smooth and without issues. People who install Remix OS on PC’s internal hard drive can anticipate faster speed of reading and writing, and use it with Windows without having to carry flash drives. In this brief guide, we’ll show how to dual Boot Remix OS for PC Beta using Windows –

1. Since we’re dual-booting, we take into account the fact that Windows OS is already installed on your PC.

2. Get the Remix OS for PC package This includes Remix OS for PC, the Remix OS for PC ROM and the Installation Tool. (Both the 32 and 64 bit versions are offered)

3. Download the .zip file into an appropriate folder on your desktop.

4. Start”the Remix OS Install Tool and browse to choose your ROM .iso file. Select Type as the option ‘Hard Disk and then in Drive select the system partition (generally the drive ‘C’) in which you currently Windows operating system is running. In our instance we installed it on a second partition formatted “D” in dual-boot mode using Windows 7.

5. Wait for the installation to complete. Once done, select ‘Reboot Now’.

You will now be able to see an option called Remix OS option in the Windows Boot Menu, select it, then press Enter.

Don’t be too excited just yet! The main procedure will begin as Remix OS creates a brand new 8GB drive on the hard disk in order to start installing Android OS. Android OS. It can take between 20 and 25 minutes. You can see the ETA displayed in the display.

When you boot, you’ll be presented with a brand new and fresh Android to enjoy at your fingertips.

Key Features of Remix OS 2.0 Beta for PC

  • Multitasking supports multi-windows with resizable windows and a the ability to maximize or minimize.
  • Windows such as Taskbar with a Start menu and System tray, home and back buttons
  • Notifications panel on the right side
  • Advanced File Manager, with external storage support
  • Compatibility with Office to Android apps
  • There are endless possibilities are possible with Google Play
  • MX Player pre-installed
  • OTA software updates

Try Remix OS on your PC. It’s absolutely amazing!

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton