iOS 16: How to Lock Hidden Photos Album on iPhone & iPad

Last Updated on 21/10/2022

iOS 16: How to Lock Hidden Photos Album on iPhone & iPad

Up until now, iOS users could hide their photos and conceal the album’s contents in Photos. Photos application (in iOS 14 or later). However, it was a sloppy implementation, as anyone with an iOS device can quickly access your hidden photos. Additionally it is possible to access the Hidden album is visible in the image picker while you add media to applications, even if it is hidden.

Fortunately, iOS 16 brings the addition of an item that has been requested for a long time. It can be used to secure images hidden on iPhone. By default photos in the Hidden as well as Recently Deleted albums are locked and Face ID, Touch ID, as well as the passcode of your device are required to open the albums. There is also an option to disable the authentication if you’d prefer to not lock them.

Can I secure photos on my iPhone using Touch ID as well as Touch ID?

It’s not possible to secure the gallery or any other album of photos on iPhone. However, you can secure the hidden folder within the Photos app on iOS 16.16 on iPhone and iPadOS 16.16 on iPad.

The option of locking a hidden albums on iPhone is extremely useful since users won’t need to rely on shady third-party lock applications for security. Additionally, the photos hidden can’t be accessed by third-party apps in the event that the hidden album is locked.

What is the reason I should use a password to secure my Hidden Album?

It’s best to keep your secret album private if it includes photos of your private occasions as well as important images. The reason to secure your hidden albums of photos on iPhone is usually when you need to unlock your phone and give the phone to someone else for accessing your pictures. However you don’t want them to gain access to your private photographs.

Let’s look at how you can set the videos and photos on your iPhone and iPad. This should work with most iPhones, including iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 in the event that you’re using iOS 16.

How do I secure the Hidden album using iOS 16.16 on iPhone

  1. Upgrade the software on your iPhone up to iOS 16. (iPad upgrade to the iPadOS 16) If you haven’t done so already.
  2. Open the Settings app Scroll down, then tap Photos..
  3. Switch on the toggle to ” Use Face ID” to secure the Hidden album using Face ID.
  4. Alternative: Disable the “Show Hidden Album” option in case you don’t wish for to see the Hidden album to show up under Albums.
  5. Go to Photos. Tap to open the Photos app, then tap


    Scroll down to the lower part of the screen, and scroll down to the bottom of the. The lock icon will appear on the right side of Hidden as well as Recently Deleted album.

That’s it. You can open the Hidden album, and it will prompt for the user’s Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode authentication in order to display the album’s contents.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to disable the lock on this album. Recently Deleted album.


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