Shortcut to Toggle Low Power Mode on macOS Monterey

Last Updated on 14/10/2022

Shortcut to Toggle Low Power Mode on macOS Monterey

With the launch of macOS Monterey 12, Apple finally introduced Low Power Mode on Mac. The feature is similar with the low power Mode that is available on iPhone and, in fact, for iPad with iPadOS 15. Low Power Mode decreases the energy consumption to improve battery life of the MacBook. It accomplishes this by reducing the brightness of the display as well as the CPU’s clock rate, which means you get more battery time in the event that your Mac is running low in battery.

supported Macs: Low Power Mode will be supported for MacBook Air (late 2018 or later) as well as MacBook Pro (Early 2016 and later) with macOS Monterey 12 or later.

How can I access the Low Power Mode shortcut on Mac?

In contrast to iPhone or iPad, Mac doesn’t show an alert to turn on Low Power Mode when the battery is at 20 percent. The energy saving mode won’t switch off by itself when the MacBook is charging to 80percent capacity. So, it is necessary to manually turn off or enable Low Power Mode at any time that is required.

Additionally the battery icon on the menu bar does not provide a shortcut for quickly turning Low Power Mode off or on in Mac. The traditional method to switch on or off Low Power Mode in Monterey is a four-step procedure.

Fortunately, the brand new Shortcuts application in macOS Monterey simplifies things simpler. Fortunately, a Reddit user has developed an toggle low power shortcut which makes use of the shell script. The benefit of a the shell script is that it executes the required action within the background. Therefore, you won’t be able to see the shortcuts or the battery preferences window when you execute the shortcut.

Let’s now see how you can add Low Power Mode shortcut in Monterey on Mac.

Shortcut to enable/disable Low-Power Mode in macOS Monterey

  1. Open the Shortcuts app (use Spotlight Search or go to Finder > Applications).
  2. Select Shortcuts from the menu bar, then select the ‘Preferences’.
  3. In the pop-up you will be able to go to the Advanced tab, and then enable “Allow Running Scripts”.
  4. Click this shortcut URL within Safari ( Important). Click on “Get Shortcut then select the option ‘Allow’.
  5. In the window that pops up, select ‘ Add Shortcut‘. Shortcuts icons will now be displayed on the bar menu located at the top.
  6. Select the Shortcuts icon on the menu bar, and then select “Toggle Low Power”.
  7. Select ‘ Allow‘ to let the shortcut execute the required shell script. (You can check the script prior to running it by clicking the All Shortcuts menu > toggle low power within the Shortcuts app.)
  8. Make use of Touch ID or enter your password to run the script. ( Note: It is necessary because the terminal commands run with administrator privileges , and you must do this for your first attempt.)
  9. Choose ‘Always Allow’ on the next pop-up. The Low Power Mode will now turn on.
  10. Select the toggle Low Power shortcut on the menu bar, then select Always Allow. The Low Power Mode will now be turned off.

That’s it. You’ve set up the shortcut that will automatize the task you need to complete.

To switch the Low Power Mode on or off by using the shortcut to do so, simply click the shortcut icon on the menu bar, and then select the option to toggle low Power’. The power-saving mode will come on when it is turned off and vice versa. There will also be an alert that is running as shown below.

NOTE This shortcut is applicable in both scenarios, i.e. whether the MacBook is not plugged in or into.


  • To determine if Low Power Mode is running or not, simply click the battery icon on the bar menu. The menu for batteries will show “Low Power Mode On’ when it’s active.
  • Press the command key, then move the icon for shortcuts around the menu bar to alter its position.

If you are unable to see the battery indicator on the Menu Bar, click the System preferences > Dock and the Menu Bar Battery (in the left pane). After that, enable the ‘Show in the Menu Bar.


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Via: Reddit
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