How to Stop Shortcuts from opening in iOS 14 on iPhone

Last Updated on 15/11/2022

How to Stop Shortcuts from opening in iOS 14 on iPhone

With iOS 14, iPhone as well as iPad users are able to use custom icons for apps by using the Shortcuts application. But there’s a issue that could be frustrating if you are using many customized slick icons to create the iOS 14 home screen aesthetic.

The problem with using Shortcuts can be that Shortcuts application appears each time you open an app (having an individual icon) instead of directing you directly to the application. Although the Shortcuts app is open for a brief moment the unneeded step can delay the time it takes to open and doesn’t work seamlessly. It happens every day regardless whether the app is being run in background mode or not. However when you launch the app using the icon that it came with, then it will open normal.

This nagging limitation prevents many iPhone customers from switching to icons for their apps that are custom.

There is no method to alter the icons of your apps without Shortcuts. However, there’s an easy method you can employ to block Shortcuts to open in iOS 14 when you use custom icons. A shortcut called ” Icon Themer” allows you to disable Shortcuts when you open custom icons for apps on iOS 14.

It may take some time to create an app icon that is custom made by using Icon Themer but it also prevents the Shortcuts application from opening completely.

Don’t waste time Here’s how to create shortcuts more quickly on iOS 14.

How do you open apps with no shortcuts in iOS 14

  1. Allow untrusted shortcuts Go to Settings > Shortcuts, and then enable “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts”. Click Allow and then enter your passcode to modify the setting.
  2. Set up your ” Icon Themer” shortcut. To install it go to the end of the shortcut page , and click “Add Untrusted Shortcut”. Select Continue, then select the App Store region, and then tap Done.
  3. Use using the icon themer shortcut in the Shortcuts application.
  4. Select an app and select “Search in App Store”. For apps that are part of the system, such as Phone or Settings, tap “System apps”. It is recommended to turn off Reduce Motion whenever you change the appearance of your applications that are part of the system. To do this, navigate to the Settings menu, Accessibility and Motion, and select ” Reduce Motion“.
  5. Enter the name of an app whose custom icon you wish to include. Select the application.
  6. Hit Ok when the shortcut requests permission to connect to
  7. Select an icon and select “Choose from Photos”. or select “Choose from Files” if the icon’s file or image is saved within Files. Files app.
  8. Tap OK to let Icon Themer to access your images.
  9. Choose a suitable image to use for your personal icon. Tips: Here I’m using an icon pack for free from @SinisterVillain which includes 36 icons in dark mode.
  10. The icon’s name should be set. It is possible to leave it undefined to display only the icon with no the text label.
  11. Hit Ok to grant access to Github.
  12. Tap Done to see URL scheme.
  13. Click “Create my icons” and give a name to your configuration.
  14. Icon Themer will now prompt you to download a profile configuration. Tap “Allow” and hit Close.
  15. Go to Settings > Profile Downloaded. Click on the Installation button on the top right.
  16. Enter your passcode, then press Install again to set up the profile.

That’s it! The custom icon for the app you’ve selected will appear in your Home screen. Click it to start the app without having to open your Shortcuts app.

To make more customized icons visit the Shortcuts app > My Shortcuts and click on the “Icon Themer” shortcut. It will take a few minutes for the shortcut to start since it has more than the 106 actions that are linked to it. Follow the steps above beginning with step 4 to create a custom icon for your app.

Note Note: This method will not repair the shortcut icons you have already created. You must create new icons for shortcuts using the method above to ensure that shortcuts are directly to the application.

Video Tutorial

What is the way Icon Themer works and is it secure to make use of?

Icon Themer ( available on RoutineHub) utilizes the App clips feature that was introduced with iOS 14 to launch apps directly. The app creates an account configuration profile which you can delete at any time from the General Settings menu, then Profiles.

Furthermore it is secure to make use of. It doesn’t record your IP address, and instead communicates with RoutineHub, Apple and GitHub to function. The profiles created by the shortcut will only add the icons on your screen. The profiles will not expire or be removed, and you are able to take them off at any time you’d like.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton