Can you Move the Shortcut Bar on Facebook App? Find out

Last Updated on 11/11/2022

Can you Move the Shortcut Bar on Facebook App? Find out

Facebook application has experienced many design tweaks and improvements to the user interface over the last few months. The company is currently A/B testing a new interface for its Android application. To facilitate navigation with one hand when using the app, Facebook has moved the shortcut bar down to the lower part of the screen. In addition, it appears that the iPhone app has tabs on the bottom for a long time, but you can’t move between the tabs.

A shortcut bar in Facebook can be described as the bar for navigation that includes tabs like News Feed Notifications, Profile and Menu. Additionally, it has customizable shortcuts that users can customize to tabs like the Profile and Watch tabs.

Facebook shifts shortcut bar to the bottom of Android

The choice to alter the location that the menu bar, navigation bar , or the shortcut bar (whatever you prefer to refer to it) is logical. This is because a lower navigation bar is easier to navigate through various tabs. Additionally, the majority of Android phones have an oversized screen, making it difficult to get up to the top using one hand. However, the capability to swipe between tabs helps, it’s not the best solution.

However, it’s entirely an individual decision. The majority of users aren’t interested in this changes to the design. However certain users like the Menu bar that is located at the bottom, and vice versa.

Can I move the Facebook Shortcut bar to the top or the bottom?

If you don’t find the menu bar at the bottom of Facebook on Android then you’re not all alone. Facebook appears to be testing its new UI with a small number of users. This is a server-side rollout so you won’t notice the changes even after you have downloaded the latest Facebook APK (version The best option is to upgrade Facebook to the most stable version available from Google Play or APK Mirror.

To be clear that it’s not possible to change the shortcut bar in the Facebook application back to the top once you have received the latest update. There isn’t a option to let users select between a top and the bottom bar. It is necessary to adjust to the lower tabs if Facebook adheres to the new interface.

Fortunately, Facebook lets you customize the tabs you wish to show in the shortcut bar.

To alter the shortcut bar’s settings Go to the menu tab > Settings and Privacy > Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then tap to select the “Shortcut Bar” option. Turn off or on the toggle next to shortcuts for your profiles, videos, groups marketplace, and friend request.

Additionally, you can disable notifications for shortcuts on the Facebook application.

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton