Nomad ChargeKey – Ultra Compact Key-sized Micro USB & Lightning Cable

Last Updated on 03/11/2022

Nomad ChargeKey - Ultra Compact Key-sized Micro USB & Lightning Cable

Do you have a memory of the ChargeCard? One of the first mobile USB charging cables designed for iPhone as well as Android. Chargecard is the Chargecard initiative was from an Kickstarter campaign that proved to be quite interesting , and consequently raised more than $160K, which is 3x the $50,000 target. The company Nomad the company behind Chargecard have launched a brand new item ” ChargeKey” A key-sized cable that is smaller and more portable as the Chargecard!

ChargeKey is the world’s most compact key-shaped cable that can fit directly onto your keychain and is able to be a companion for your wallet as well. The ultra-light and slim cable gives you the convenience of carrying an USB cable to charge or synchronizing your phone everywhere you travel. It eliminates the burden of carrying around long cable that is tangled and has very few chances of abandoning it.

ChargeKey is lightweight and super portable, extremely efficient, and the perfect traveling companion!

Design ChargeKey is just 3 inches long and 2.5mm thick, with solid plastic on both ends. One end is equipped with the standard USB while the second has an Micro USB plug for Android (and other compatible devices) while it’s Lightning model is also available for the iPhone 5/5S/5C as well as Lightning iPads. The middle part is flexible, constructed of tough rubber and is designed to bend. The cable is designed to charge and sync, and both the connectors are snugly seated and are a good thing considering that the cable is small to be easily detached. It lets you charge your devices while on the move by connecting them to your laptop, power bank for portable use and more.

The View Similar to ChargeCard, ChargeKey is available in two versions: Lightning as well as Micro USB. The two versions come sold at just $25 for each that is reasonable considering that this is a special and innovative product that offers complete functionality.

P.S. Thanks Nomad for supplying us with our review model.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton