OnePlus One vs Mi 4 – which one is the ‘BEST’ for you?

Last Updated on 16/11/2022

OnePlus One vs Mi 4 - which one is the 'BEST' for you?

The two most powerful smartphones of 2014 Two of the top smartphones that are in close proximity to the engines running them Two of the top smartphones have been fighting each other for a long time now! Which of the two will be the victor? Which one is the most suitable for your personal preferences, your requirements? Let’s begin with the specifications and see the way they compare in a variety of areas!

Similarity Strikes!

Xiaomi Mi 4

OnePlus One
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801

Quad-core 2.5GHz
Storage 16GB / 64GB
OS Android KitKat
Display Type 1080p IPS
Screen Protection Gorilla Glass 3 (OnePlus One) vs Corning OGS (Mi 4)
microSD No
Camera – Primary 13 MP Sony Exmor 1414 Lens that records in 4K
Camera – Primary

Pixel Density


Cyanogenmod / OxygenOS
3080 mAh

3100 mAh
Screen Size

149 gms

162 gms
139.2mm x 68.5mm x 8.9 mm

152.9mm x 75.9mm x 8.9mm

Let the battles begin!

After we’re done looking at the commonalities, let me guide you through various segments of use and how they perform.


The nerdy, geeky-looking OnePlus One – this is an imposing device at 5.5 inches. With the padding on both the bottom and top, it gets more imposing, pushing the phablet category already. Although this isn’t an issue for many, they are specific about the size of the screens they’d like to carry around in their pockets. However, the OnePlus One is so well constructed that you’ll be amazed when you take it in your hands and see that it’s so slim and light! The unique sandstone back model of the device guarantees it will not slip out of your fingers ( note that 16GB is available in a silk white back, while 64GB comes with a sandstone-finish the back). It’s definitely not heavy to hold the device in your hands and you’ll get used to it with time. However, the issue is – do you feel comfortable with the size of your screen? I’m sure that a lot of my friends are now obsessed with bigger screens. I carry it in my jeans and am constantly adjusting the phone each time I ride my bike, or move my legs to put on my shoes or to sit down.

IMG_20150128_1440106 Pretty Premium, Handy, and Posh to look at Mi 4.This is the place where Xiaomi appears to be able to achieve perfection in the five“. For many, 5” is the limit. The overall look of the phone appears as upscale with its metal frame and glossy back. It is a perfect fit in your palms and is easy with completing your tasks with just only one hand. The thing I like most about Mi 4 Mi 4 is the button locations and the amount of tactile feedback that they provide. I like the slight ‘click’ you can feel. The buttons are a little more sharp than you’d think, however that’s how it is.


IMG_20150128_1515058The Front 13MP camera on both phones use identical hardware, as well as the Exmor IMX214 camera is among the top available. Before you decide that both cameras will take pictures that are of equal quality, I’d like to point out a some things: larger aperture on the Mi 4, lack of OIS the OnePlus One, and the camera app is better on the Mi 4. The advantages that Mi 4 has, ensures that it produces better photos and clicks a bit quicker, and performs better in low-light conditions contrasted with the OnePlus One. [Mi 4 camera samples]

Don’t get me wrong Both cameras take stunning images, and are packed with details , but Mi 4 has certain advantages in the areas I talked about. However, this doesn’t mean that Mi 4 is perfect – images are often a bit bright and over-exposed when taken with the sun shining in the background. However, it’s very quick when it comes to clicking and also in the processing as well.

The area where it is that the Mi 4 clearly wins is the front camera – 8MP Sony lens captures some of the best images that you’ll see on any smartphone around the globe. It’s also a great performance in low-light conditions too! However the front camera of one of the OnePlus one is a excellent camera, but the Mi 4 is better by several miles in this regard. The Mi 4 also wins in the ability to capture video. OnePlus One is a bitter disappointment because the audio in the video is weak or garbled, and there is a high possibility of its video being unreliable. Both phones can produce excellent slow-motion videos in 4K and also slow-motion.


Both phones come with non-removable batteries and capacity is almost identical on both phones, with a difference of 20mAh. Just looking at the specs of these phones, one might be skeptical about the battery backup that these phones might provide, but believe me when I say that both phones are very good. It is also possible to consider that the very vanilla Android operating in the OnePlus One may give it an advantage on Mi 4. Mi 4 that runs heavily customized MIUI. getting through the day won’t be an issue for normal routine usage.

However, it is worth noting that the OnePlus One delivers a consistent screen-on time of between 5 and 6 hours, while Mi 4 only lasts for 5-6 hours. Mi 4 delivers around 5 hours of SOT. It’s clear that I’m giving it to the OnePlus One here.


Let me be brief here and explain how the two devices perform in various aspects:

1. Benchmarks from AnTuTu Benchmarks for HTML0 & AnTuTu OnePlus One scored around 37,000 while the Mi 4 was in the 35,000 range. In reality, this wouldn’t be a huge difference unless you’re someone who is obsessed with the figures. In the day-to-day use it is not evident.

2. OS Both are smooth and liquid, but because that the OnePlus One runs on an Android skin that’s close to the stock version, it’s slightly more smooth. The UI is a bit heavy for Mi 4 Mi 4 does give you the stutter that is very isolated, however overall, it’s a clean as a whistle experience for both.

3. calls No problems with both phones here. 4G LTE also worked flawlessly. The calls are crisp and there are no drops across. But the Mi 4 attempts to cancel out background noise too often at times, which reduces the quality of your voice on a scale of a minute, but this shouldn’t cause any problems.

4. Gaming There are no issues with both phones and. But given the OnePlus One has a bigger screen, gaming will be more enjoyable. In the absence of any problems even when playing games that require a lot of resources across both platforms. Longer gaming sessions can cause normal heat up of the device, but this happens on every device you think of.

5. Multimedia I’d recommend this to the Mi 4. The music app is the best I’ve ever seen. The audio output is somewhat better on Mi 4 when compared to the OnePlus One. I tried changing a few things within the Audio FX app on the OnePlus One but simply couldn’t achieve the same results as Mi 4 did. It is recommended to use Poweramp and Rocket Player apps to have an improved experience on your OnePlus One. Videos will provide a superior user experience with the OnePlus One as it has larger screens. I’d like to point out that the speaker on Mi 4 Mi 4 is slightly less than that of the OnePlus One.

Pricing and Availability:

Both devices offer a lot of bang for your buck. There’s no reason not to would like to purchase these devices. The 16GB and 64GB versions of OnePlus One are priced at 18,999INR and 21,999INR, respectively. The Mi 4’s 16GB as well as 64GB capacities are priced at 19,999INR and 23,999INR , respectively. Looking at the cost to specs ratio Oneplus One is the winner here due to the benefit of 4G.

OnePlus One is available via the invite system in India however to International customers, on Tuesdays it is open for sale, in conjunction with the invitation system. Mi 4 on the other side is also available for purchase without registration through Flipkart however it is only available for the 16GB version. If you are looking for the 64GB version, you must purchase the flash sale that happens every week.

Challenges: Huh? What kind of kind of category is this you might ask. It will be clear the significance in the following aspects

1. The process of purchasing an device – Mi 4’s 16GB memory is now available for purchase. 64GB is available through flash sales, while the OnePlus One is running the invite system. The process of purchasing both devices isn’t as difficult anymore. Both methods have been criticized however that is the way both the businesses operate.

2. OS uncertainty regarding the OnePlus One 2. OS uncertainty on OnePlus One You may have heard about the differences with OnePlus as well as Cyanogen. In fact, CM OS is one of the primary reasons behind why most of us opt to an OnePlus One. Cyanogen claims it will launch Android L for OnePlus One. OnePlus will also release their version of its own Oxygen OS in a week or two. However it is important to determine how stable the new OS is.

3. The availability of 4G and 64GB variants The two companies offer different versions in various regions. Therefore, getting the 64GB and 4G versions (especially for the Mi 4) could be difficult if it’s not available in your area. It could be necessary to import it with all the extra costs that can really increase the total cost of the device.

Final Words:

You may have discovered by now that there’s no winner in the endhere! Both of them are amazing gadgets that go for a long time. All it boils down to is what’s the best for you. choiceand need.

Choose the OnePlus One if you:

  1. I love the big screen
  2. I love the closing of to the Android experience that comes with stock
  3. I love the nexus and the style of the form factor
  4. Are willing to make an occasional compromise with the camera and the multimedia
  5. Don’t care about the ambiguities within the OS and will opt to root, flashing a custom ROMs
  6. Are you willing to go down the ‘Invite route, which is accessible If you want to jump onto the OnePlus One Forum

Go for the Mi 4 if you: IMG_19700601_1820223

  1. I absolutely love the 5″‘ screen
  2. I love The MIUI OS with tons of useful options
  3. I love the sophisticated design with the metal
  4. Cameras are very important to you and takes amazing selfies that are awesome
  5. Are you willing to test fast fingers in the flash sales

I hope this article can assist you to choose the gadget that’s right for you! Best of luck.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton