UC Browser for Android – Top Features & Overview

Last Updated on 12/11/2022

UC Browser for Android - Top Features & Overview

With the rise of smartphones and with larger screens becoming the norm, browsing is now more enjoyable than ever before. With the fact that keyboards such as Swiftkey and others are becoming more advanced, are free and are also able to support a variety of locale languages, this only increases the use of the browser for various things. But, there’s an abundance of apps available each day that perform one main job for you, and the use of browsers in many instances has dropped as many websites have taken an app-only strategy. If this is the case it is a big task for a company that makes browsers to convince users to adopt their services.

One of the most popular browsers available is made by the Alibaba group, dubbed”UC Browser.” UC Browser. On a global scale, Google Chrome still remains to be the top choice with a huge lead, in some regions such as India as well as China, UC Browser seems to be at the top, with a massive advantage.


If you look around the trends, UC across India is only improving. With over 50 percent market share, it’s extremely difficult to beat Opera to be 2nd or Chrome third with 20 percent or 14% share, respectively. It also has to be due to the fact that a lot of Chinese phone manufacturers sell phones in India which come equipped with UC Browser out of the box. UC browser is currently ranked at the second place among the ‘ top free applications on the Google Play Store in India following WhatsApp.

What is it that makes UC Browser so popular? Let’s discover!

Faster web browsing:

UC browser functions as a train, as websites load up lightning quick. It accelerates the loading time of websites by compressing the data and preventing various ads scripts from loading, resulting in an extremely fast browsing experience that aids in saving Internet bandwidth as well. Cloud boost, the built-in cloud boost technology helps to save data and speeds up loading times through the transfer of data UCWeb servers to compress it.

Built-in Ad blocker:

Ads on websites that are too frequent, particularly intrusive ones and pop-ads are often annoying at times. UCB blocks these ads by default, thereby speeding the process of browsing. You can also look up the total amount of ads blocked as well as the total amount of ads that are blocked on particular websites. There is also the option to turn off the Adblock add-on at any time.

Controls that are well placed:

The majority of browsers have their standard controls at their top bar , however UC Browser has it at the lower part of the bar. This is a great feature, especially as phones are growing larger and single-handed use is becoming a major issue. The options for forward, backward, entry to Options, the number of tabs, as well as the home page are displayed at the bottom. It’s similar to iOS type apps, where you will find all options on the bottom. It may sound like a lot of work but for those who use the internet on a regular basis, especially on mobile devices, this app is an absolute delight.

There are a myriad of options:

Users have different tastes and like to arrange things up in a way that they’d like to use the browser. This is exactly what UC Browser provides. The more you utilize it the more you realize it’s a small world of its own! The options menu at the bottom of the screen will take you to a plethora of choices. Below are a few of the ones that you should look for:

  1. Full-screen switching to full-screen mode will hide all unwanted elements from your screen , with the exception of the browser, making the maximum screen space for browsing effortlessly on your phones. The status bar is hidden and provides a completely distraction-free experience.
  2. Compatible with Screens Certain websites aren’t optimized for various screen sizes and make it difficult for users in navigating the site. You’ll need to pinch, zoom, or change the screen’s position, which can be difficult. This method would fit everything on the screen to allow you to see the entire contents and their location. Have you ever added some information on a webpage and you were trying to locate that “Submit” or “Done” button? This is the exact choice you’d see.
  3. Text-only When the signal strength of networks is low and pages can take a long time to load with the embedded videos and images. This is a great option when you’re trying to find data that’s just text. This feature is also helpful when you need to reduce data usage on networks and get images downloaded via Wi-Fi only.
  4. account creation Logging in to an UC Browser account is as easy as signing in using the account you have created on your FB and Google account. There is no requirement to sign in, but it does aid in transferring and keeping your preferences across different devices.
  5. Tabbed view / Card When using the browsers that run on a PC or Laptop, we’re accustomed to the tabbed model. However, the default mode of UC Browser is what they refer to as”card” “card” that are essentially tiny widgets that appear on the home screen that represent a variety of websites. If you’d like to shift to the tabbed model then this is the best option.


One thing that people enjoy doing and find fascinating, is “personalize” the apps they use. UC Browser brings that option for mobile users. It is possible to use”Theme” to change the look and feel of your browser ” Theme” option to completely alter the appearance and feel of the browser. This is not just altering the appearance of the background of your home screen, but every single component is modified accordingly. We loved that it runs smoothly without issue. Upload a photo of your choice, choose one of our available online themes or choose one of the default ones.

Night Mode:

The process of browsing can lead us to interesting websites that we are able to browse for long durations. Sometimes, this can happen during a trip or at night when an interesting subject catches your interest. Of course, a lot of phones of recent times have read-mode, but these changes apply to all of the applications. If you prefer to use it only for only the browser, UC has it covered with the Night Mode option where things get a bit darker and put less stress for your eyes.

Controlling Downloads:

We download lots of things from the internet, but we also navigate through different network conditions. Sometimes, the importance of downloading can also differ. Being in control of things like the amount of downloads that are the maximum and the management of traffic keeping an eye on downloads that are made using mobile data and Wi-Fi all of these are important if you need to control the financial aspects of internet use.

Feature-rich Home Page:

The page that a user visits when they launch an internet browser is crucial and UC is among the most impressive we’ve seen in many years. Small widgets referred to as ” Cards” are displayed on the homepage, allowing easy access to websites that you are more likely to frequent. There’s a full set of pre-defined cards that you can select from or specify your own by with”Add URL “Add URL” option. The top of the screen is the area to type in an URL or create an inquiry. Moving back and forth between the two will result in 3 pages. One page will show the most recent news from the area, another with the cards and the last one that contains the usage information. This is a thought-out and well-thought out set of data.

UC Browser is a unique combination of delight, intelligence and freedom , all working in unison to transform your experience into a pleasure. From gestures to strategically placed options and from monitoring data usage to customizing this is a browser you should test out and we believe there are at most three things you’ll be captivated by.

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton