Top 5 Reasons to use Brave browser over Chrome

Top 5 Reasons to use Brave browser over Chrome

This article is a comparison review providing the best advantages of using the Brave browser instead of Chrome.

On the scale of popularity, Brave is obviously not the top web browser because of its tiny user base compared to its competitor Google Chrome. Google Chrome.

But, if you look beyond the popularity it might surprise you to learn the fact that Brave is actually a lot better than Chrome in many ways.

Below are five areas in which Brave has an edge over Chrome. Check them out!

5 Advantages of using the Brave web browser instead of Chrome

  1. Speed

Although it is the most well-known web browser Google Chrome is not the most efficient browser available. It’s surprising that Brave is among the few browsers that can beat Chrome in terms of speed.

Brave created by Mozilla’s co-founder Brendan Eich, shares a number of features that are similar to Firefox One of these is their speedy connection. According to the report, Brave is twice as quick than Chrome for desktops, and can be up to 8x faster on mobile devices.

If the speed you’re searching for, then Brave is without doubt the best choice.

  1. Privacy of the user

Google’s record of privacy violations has damaged the company’s reputation. However, Chrome is considered to be the most effective surveillance tool, it is it is used by Google to collect user’s private data. In this regard we can safely say that Chrome is not as concerned with privacy of its users.

However, Brave is renowned for its privacy protection system that is hard-hitting that is designed specifically to block all third-party trackers, cookies and advertisements, among others. In reality Brave has an security agreement that is signed with the Onion Router(Tor); to provide an “private window” for its users to further enhance their privacy online.

Additionally, the user’s data is saved on the user’s device, not on Brave’s servers. So, your personal information can only be accessed or retrieved through the local directories you have.

  1. Online security

The web is awash with malware of all sorts such as ransomware, spyware, and Trojans along with other harmful content. While all browsers have security measures in place, there are usually security holes that hackers can easily use to gain access.

To protect yourself from malware attacks, Brave browser offers one of the most effective security tools. It hosts a malware blocker as well as an “script-prevention” tool to prevent browser “hijacking”. Additionally, it is necessary the browser updates “HTTP” sites to “HTTPS” to protect your connection to these websites.

  1. Management of data

The two Chrome as well as Brave are very good in terms of managing data. However, Brave’s ability to block ads gives it an advantage.

By blocking ads that are not wanted straight from the source, you can save substantial gigabytes (or perhaps gigabytes) of information.

If you’re trying to maximize the use of your data plan, Brave is the best option.

  1. Uniqueness

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, Brave browser is not as well-known like Google Chrome. In reality Brave browser is unnoticed by a large number of users.

So, when you switch from Chrome to Brave (from Chrome), you will be able to experience the distinct experience that it provides even though it appears like a bit boring, or perhaps irrelevant.

Roundup. Despite the importance of Chrome when compared to Brave it gives users faster speeds, better security, and more privacy protection when surfing the web.

Accessibility – Brave is accessible on desktop platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. The mobile application is available in addition to Android as well as iOS devices.

Do you have a view of Brave Browser? Tell us your thoughts.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton