5 Reasons to Use Cloudflare

Last Updated on 03/11/2022

It might be challenging for novice web designers to create websites without running into issues during development. 

There are several tools available for people interested in building functional websites. Several of them enhance a user’s experience by incorporating measures to enhance the performance and security of the websites they build. 

Cloudflare is one of these tools that can help you enhance and maintain your website’s stability. We’ve compiled a list of reasons you should consider using Cloudflare and how it can benefit you. By thinking about what problems you want to overcome while creating a site, you might find a Cloudflare feature that works best for you. 

1. Improve Website Performance

Cloudflare is a handy tool for improving your website’s performance in both the long term and the short term. If you want to build a website compatible with desktop and mobile devices, it would be wise to implement this network to ensure your site works on any platform. If you optimize your website for multiple platforms, you can increase your web presence vastly.

Another way to improve your web performance is through compression and minimization, decreasing your file sizes to improve web page responsiveness, bandwidth connection, and overall data storage.

2. Increasing Your Website’s Speed

Having a website with fast loading and connection speed is essential for website owners who rely on web traffic and SEO to build their online presence. Cloudflare has several features that allow users to improve their website’s speed. 

By increasing your web pages’ speed, you’re more likely to decrease your web pages’ bounce rate and won’t lose as many visitors with delayed loading times. By using Cloudflare, you can store static data anywhere and let visitors access it through CloudFare’s closest data outlets. 

3. Enhanced Security and Protection 

One benefit of using Cloudflare is its enhanced security and protection features for ensuring a secure server. Several people typically use it to combat distributed denial-of-service, or DDOS, attacks that disrupt the web traffic of a server, service, or network.

Cloudflare’s security network works on an average of 21 million HTTP requests per second and operates seamlessly with similar security and performance products. With this power, CloudFare is simple to use and won’t disrupt your web performance. 

These features are best suited for protecting web applications from threats, safeguarding network infrastructures from DDOS attacks, and securing your devices. If you want to overcome malicious bots, crawlers, and hackers, this feature might resonate with you greatly.

4. Worldwide Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network might be useful for you if you want to deliver website content effectively. It’s done through reliable caching of static content based on where your website’s visitors come from, what data they access, and how often they request available data.

Some examples of content compatible with the CDN include HTML pages, JavaScript files, stylesheets, and images. By caching this content, you can improve your website’s user experience and deliver content quicker. 

5. Free and Easy to Access

While several data networks require subscription or application fees, Cloudflare offers a free plan that anyone can use. This plan is ideal for people with personal WordPress blogs or websites that don’t have business-critical measures to follow. 

Although Cloudflare’s other plans have more features than the free one, it’s still ideal for maintaining simple online domains. You can still receive a shared SSL certificate and essential protection against DDOS while building your website’s content. 

Cloudflare is relatively easy to set up. If you have a website or domain designed for any device, you can optimize your site through Cloudflare’s global network. It also doesn’t require additional software, hardware, or coding changes for operation.


There are several reasons to consider using Cloudflare to enhance the performance and security of your websites. If you run a website or blog, it would be best to have deliverable content for potential viewers distributed swiftly. 

An important reason to consider using Cloudflare is to reduce the number of distributed denial-of-service attacks that may hit your website. It’s an ideal choice if you don’t want to risk your website’s safety.

With several plans to pick from, Cloudflare is an ideal contender for building a cache network for your website’s content, distributing it to your audiences, and keeping your website responsive at any time. If you’re making the perfect website, these tools are essential for keeping it high-quality.

Scott Poole

Scott Poole

With over a decade of experience in building websites, Scott has seen it all... bodged website migrations, nightmare web hosts, ridiculous customer support, etc. He decided to centralise all his knowledge on 28msec to guide and help people find the best host possible.