How to Recover Data from your Hard Drive with Recoverit

Last Updated on 13/11/2022

How to Recover Data from your Hard Drive with Recoverit

What should you do if you lose important information because of a corrupted hard drive? If you experience a the failure of your hard drive it is essential to repair and remove any damaged drives from the computer immediately. In the event of failure, it could permanently erase your data, and reduce the chance of recovering it.

Although recovering your data may seem impossible but it is achievable using a powerful tools for data retrieval like Wondershare Recoverit. This article explains how you can retrieve your data using Wondershare Recoverit. Wondershare Recoverit tool using a couple of easy steps.

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The reasons for corruption of hard drives

What is the reason that causes the HDD (HDD) to become corrupted in the beginning? We know that you’re thinking the same. A variety of external and internal scenarios could result in your data becoming corrupted or being permanently erased. There are a few examples below.

1. Software and User Errors

One of the most common causes for data loss is poor software or user error which can cause damage or erase important data in your drive. When you are performing a crucial job, certain files could be deleted due to software malfunction or by the user’s negligence. To prevent such unfortunate events which could result in loss of data, it is important to only use trusted applications and remain focused when performing your essential tasks.

2. Malicious Virus and Malware Attack

Malware and viruses can cause severe damage to the data on your hard drive. The viruses infect your computer via unidentified hyperlinks and pop-up advertisements which typically appear when you browse different websites. It is essential to have a sophisticated antivirus program installed on your system to protect your data from these viruses. Additionally, you should keep an archive routine at minimum once per month to ensure the security of your data.

3. CPU Overheating

When performing large-scale operations, computers can overheat and stop functioning, resulting in loss of data. A high volume of computer use could cause an abrupt shutdown of the system that could destroy or erase your important information. To prevent this from happening it is recommended to make sure that your computer is operating at its maximum capacity , and perhaps allow it to rest for a few hours.

4. Improper Usage

Software and applications that aren’t working properly aren’t the sole reason for damaged or corrupted data. Unsafe use of the device could also result in the loss of data. It is important to make sure you use the device in a safe manner in order to prevent any problems, for example, always closing down your computer properly and avoiding downloading pirated or warez-based applications.

5. Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives are a sensitive component of the computer that holds all of the information, therefore you must be sure to maintain it with care. If you suspect that your hard drive has been damaged or about to cease to function, you must repair it as quickly as possible; otherwise it could lead to the loss of all your data forever.

Wondershare Recoverit: A tool to look for when to recover information

Wondershare Recoverit can help you recover your valuable data quickly thanks to its impressive features. Its user-friendly interface, which users can use to retrieve their data is the primary option for users. Many data recovery programs online claim to recover data from hard drives however, not all of them are as reliable and have the same high success rate like Recoverit. It allows you to restore your data with no compromise in the quality or privacy of your data in just only a couple of steps.

Recoverit is a service that puts the user’s needs first by providing them with the highest level of care by providing 24/7 technical assistance. It can support a variety of kinds of files which makes the recovery process simple and easy. Recoverit is able to retrieve badly damaged data using the advanced modes. It also lets you look at the files before you start to determine if they will be successfully recovered or not.

The stress and the regret of losing precious data has become an old legend due to these reliable tools for recovering data. In the end, if you are looking for an efficient and reliable data recovery tool, Recoverit can be your top option.

Plans & Pricing

Available on the both Windows as well as Mac, Recoverit is a paid program. It also has an free version which you can test to retrieve small files. To get rid of any limitations you can select from three subscription plans: Essential ($69.99/year), Standard ($79.99/year), as well as Premium ($99.99/year). You can also choose an unlimited license, but it does not include upgrades to the next version of Recoverit.

How do you recover the data on your hard drive by using Recoverit

The process of recovering data with Recoverit is efficient and simple to carry out. With its comprehensive and attractive interface, anyone can easily complete the process of data recovery. Let’s look at how.

Step 1: Choose Hard Drive Location

Start Recoverit on your PC and then click “Hard Drives and Locations” on the left-hand side of the screen. In”Hard Disk Drives” in the “Hard Disk Drives” section choose a specific hard disk. Then, click”Start” to start the scanning process “Start” button to start the process of scanning at the location you have selected.

Step 2: Scanning Hard Disk Drive

When you click the Start button, Recoverit will start its scanning process to recover the data on your hard drive. Additionally, thanks to its real-time scan update in its interface, users are able to quickly check the progress of scanning to determine if it has found the desired files or not.

Step 3: Export Hard Drive Data

Through the preview option, Recoverit lets you preview the recoverable information prior to completing your recovery. For users who pay premium, Recoverit offers unlimited preview time , whereby a user can view the data for the entire duration and choose the desired file to save from the computer. While the Free version has 10 seconds of preview time.

After having reviewed the restored data, you can recover your deleted files by clicking on the ” Recover” button.


The loss of your valuable data because of an error that you’ve been working hard to fix it can be a harrowing experience But there’s no need to stress over it. Highly recommended by thousands of customers, Wondershare Recoverit can successfully retrieve your important data using its powerful process of data recovery and all while preserving the original data’s quality.

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