How to Undo and Delete a Reaction on Messenger

Last Updated on 13/10/2022

How to Undo and Delete a Reaction on Messenger

In 2017, Facebook launched messages that react to mentions and messages for Messenger. Reactions allow you to respond to a specific message in private or a group chat using a particular emoticon. Emoji reactions allow users to express their opinion about a specific message. It is also useful in situations where you want to draw the attention of the recipient towards the message you want to convey. But, it can be awkward if you have a mistake and react to a message on Messenger. You might have reacted by emojis that smiled to a sad news story or even sent an emoji of love to your lover.

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It’s usually a mistake because we only have to hold a message, then swipe it across the emojis tab in order to send it. It is easy to alter the reaction in Messenger by simply pressing the message again and selecting the appropriate emoticon. However there is no method to erase a message in Facebook Messenger. If you’re in the same situation, you shouldn’t be a frightened.

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How do you delete a message in Messenger

It’s possible to get rid of an emoji’s reaction from Messenger. However, the method to do this isn’t exactly clear and you might be in a state of confusion. Without further delay we’ll look into how to reverse the message’s reaction in Messenger.

  1. Let the conversation begin.
  2. Find the message you responded to.
  3. Hold and press the text until you get open the reaction emojis.
  4. Tap the reaction you accidentally selected.
  5. This reaction is reversed and the emoji will vanish.

Be aware that the emoji response is removed for both the participants, i.e. the sender and the recipient.

In addition, reactions are available on Facebook where you can respond to posts with emotion. We hope that you find this article useful.


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Bert Hoxton