Here’s how to Remove Tag from Instagram Reels

Last Updated on 05/11/2022

Here's how to Remove Tag from Instagram Reels

Like Facebook as well as Twitter Users can tag people on Instagram reels prior to or after they post the reel. Tags can help you boost the reach and the engagement of your reels with any effort. You can tag anyone, like a friend or individual, an brand, influencer, or a business. However, it’s generally recommended to only tag those who contribute to or have a connection with your own reels.

Maybe, some users are able to randomly tag an unidentified or unrelated person on their reels as Instagram allows you to tag anyone with no prior approval. However, you can take your tag off the reel if you do not wish to be included on the reel. In the meantime, you can activate the option to manually approve tags to ensure that the reels which you’re tagged on aren’t automatically displayed in your account.

Have you been tagged by someone on their reel, but you’d like to remove yourself from the reel? Don’t worry, here’s how you can untag yourself off reels in Instagram.

How do you remove the tag from Instagram reels

  1. Log into your profile and click your profile and then click the ” Tagged” tab. You can view the posts and reels that you’re associated with.
  2. Unlock the reel that you wish to remove yourself.
  3. Click on the video to play it in reel-view (full-screen).
  4. Click your username (or the X-people text) shown alongside the user icon that is at the lower right.
  5. On the page of tag individuals, tap your profile name.
  6. Choose “Remove Me from Post” and then tap “Remove” to confirm.

That’s it. The tag you have placed on the reel will disappear, and the reel will not be listed under the section tagged in your profile.

TIP Choose ‘Hide from My Account” to remove the reel from your posts that are tagged, while remaining at the bottom of the reel.

Alternate Method –

When you’re watching the reel that you’re tagged on, tap on the “ellipses” button (3-dot icon) in the lower-right corner. After that, tap ‘Tag Options and choose “Remove me from reel” and then select “Remove”. This will erase your name from the specific reel, and also block the name from your personal profile.

Note Note: It’s not possible to remove tags when the tag is present within the description or caption of the reel. You may contact the user via DM however, asking them to take your tag or mention from the reel.

Who is being tagged on a reel

Are you curious to know how many people are included on the Instagram reel?

To locate users who have been tagged on an individual reel, turn on the reel in question and search for the username under the icon for users on lower right of reel. Click your username for the tagged user to follow them or check their profile.

Note If more than one user are tagged, you’ll be able to see the total number of people who are tagged on a reel, such as 20 people. In this case, you just need to click ’20 people’ in order to view the list of people tagged on that reel.

Bonus Tips You can also view people who are who are tagged in videos directly in the timeline. To do this, simply click on the icon for ‘user profile’ located at the bottom left of a video or photo.

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