ResQBattery Review – A Thumb-sized Disposable Battery Charger for Android

Last Updated on 19/11/2022

ResQBattery Review - A Thumb-sized Disposable Battery Charger for Android

The usage of Powerbanks has dramatically increased in recent years particularly for Android smartphone users , who frequently require charging their phones to keep them functioning at its peak, even when on the move at any time and from anywhere! Powerbanks are indeed useful and provide a practical method of powering up devices that are running out of battery , but they must recharge prior to use and some of them are heavy to transport around. Today, we’ll introduce an innovative product that performs the same job, but in a different method. Meet ResQBattery is a product from Nofet LLC.

ResQBattery is a small disposable battery that has an interface for micro-USB that connects directly to mobile devices, providing an additional charge that can extend the battery’s life by as long as five hours. The small-sized charger could come in handy during emergencies to help jump start a dead smartphone battery when you’re in the wilderness or caught up in an outage of electricity. ResQbattery that has a capacity of 1300mAh capacity is constructed from environmentally friendly materials and is secure to be used. The USP is in the ease of its use – simply turn it on and plug it in. It will begin charging your phone immediately!

Build & Design –

ResQBattery ResQBattery is a small light, sleek, and stylish portable charger. It has a high-end and sturdy design that is extremely comfortable to hold. We’re quite surprised, since we didn’t anticipate this build to be that amazing considering that it’s an emergency phone charger that’s practically dead after running out of battery power. A neat switch is placed on top of it to either start charging or stop it. An LED indicator will alert users when the charger is being used. The micro-USB connector is quite large in size, likely to allow it to be used for phones with protective cases. The charger’s opposite side has a lovely dimple which makes it easy to plug it in and disconnect it.

It comes in more than 10 eye-candy shades like Green Blue, Yellow and Pink. and more.

Battery Life –

Inside is a non-rechargeable 1300mAh lithium battery with five years. The voltage output is said as 5V @ 1 amp, 3.9WH which looks good on paper, but we observed the charging speed extremely slow in our tests. We connected a brand new ResQBattery to the Asus Zenfone Max with a 5500mAh battery and 15% remaining battery and below is the charging process:

– 15% at 1:09PM

– 23% at 1:51PM

– 27% at 2:16PM

– 28% at 2:34PM

– 29% at 3:21PM

The charger wasn’t able to charge the phone further after it had charged its battery up to 14 percent. According to the calculations that it took about 2 hours 10 minutes to recharge 14 percent of the battery, which isn’t a lot, but not a great result. According to the company, this battery will last for a talk duration of up to 5 hours , which we believe is a bit true, but only if you utilize the device frequently, which isn’t a good idea in emergencies. The device can be used repeatedly until the battery is exhausted. We observed that the Led light is able to stay lit even after the battery has been discharged, and indicates that a remaining charge remains, however it’s not enough to fully charge the phone. If you’re worried, ResQBattery is approved by FCC and CE.

Verdict –

In the beginning it is a question of what the reason one should buy an item that is intended to be used only for a single time. However, it’s not wise to think of it as an energy bank since the ResQBattery can be described as a portable device that’s available to be used immediately which can be used to the rescue in emergencies when you feel in a state of helplessness. It’s easy to carry around and performs well, but it would be better with a faster charging speed and a larger capacity battery. It’s also impressive that it has five years of shelf lifespan since you can take it on an adventure. When it’s gone it is a great piece to display at your workstation. The new version will feature an capacity of around 1800mAh, which is a good number. Price – Two sets of ResQBattery is currently available through Amazon, eBay as well as eBags at $11.99 and free delivery.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton