Speaktoit Assistant – Perfect Siri Alternative for Android

Speaktoit Assistant - Perfect Siri Alternative for Android

Siriis an assistant for voice developed by Apple that is integrated with the brand new iPhone 4S. Siri is a powerful and sophisticated service that can help to accomplish tasks All you need to do is to ask Siri to perform tasks by speaking the way you speak and Siri responds. Siri can be asked by Siri to make a phone call or find a business, receive directions, set meetings and reminders, search the internet, write texts, and much more.

Siri is now a huge hit with people who own the iPhone 4S and those who’ve found how to work with it with the iPhone 4. If are an Android phone user and you want Siri as a voice assistant then you’ll be happy to learn that there’s an excellent and effective alternative to Siri specifically designed for Android.

Speaktoit Assistant is a no-cost Android personal assistant application that has features similar to those offered by Siri. I personally tested the app and was pleasantly surprised to find that it could understand my voice well and responding to me in the same Siri similar voice, with the right results. The most impressive part is that the they are hard at work and improving the Assistant application frequently to make it a lot more efficient. It’s truly amazing. It is quick to respond and can recognize the most commands. The application is downloaded by more than one million Android users.

Speaktoit can understand natural language and converse in a human-like conversational style. It can recognize the context of conversations and doesn’t limit itself to the input of a particular string of words. In other words, you speak to it as a human and not like a robot.

Speaktoit’s assistants are able to send messages, send emails search for details, publish on Twitter and check your profile for locations, update your Facebook Find news, search for traffic, search for weather, make calls note-taking and add items to your calendar Translate foreign languages assist you in finding local bars and restaurants (but they will not forget to remind you to drink responsibly) …), and more).

Speaktoit for Android differs from Siri because it comes with other amazing features. In contrast to Siri, Speaktoit lets you select (or create) an animated avatar to talk to, which is more personal and enjoyable. You can also join a conversation via social networks, switch off or turn on the speech feature, or alter the background of the app from within the Settings menu.

Speaktoit Assistant Video Demo –

Speaktoit is available now for Android but it will soon be available to iOS as well as Blackberry. Users seem to be enjoying the app, it’s receiving more than 15k downloads per day.

Install SpeakToit Assistant Free from the Android market.

Other excellent Siri alternatives are: Vlingo Virtual Assistant, Voice Actions and Iris.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton