“Tiny” services which are really useful

Last Updated on 11/11/2022

"Tiny" services which are really useful

I enjoy surfing, but sometimes find it difficult to keep track of the top websites at the moment when I need it. The brand new “Tiny” services provide easy to remember names, and also share simple to remember URLs.

TinyPaste can be described as an internet-based editor for rich text that lets you send quick notes to your acquaintances. It is a great tool when you want to share the code of a program or an article you read. It allows you to add images or links and even videos. This makes sharing easier today:D.

tinychatTinyChat can come to your aid when you need to set up a chat room without the need for an actual messenger. Now I can join my friends’ chat rooms without having to install multiple messengers.

tinyurl TinyURL allows you to share long URLs. If you’re looking to share the “not-so-easy” to remember URL with your loved ones or require smaller URLs because of the limited space, you should try “TinyURL”.

TinyPic TinyPic is an easy and free image hosting, photo sharing and video hosting website. There is no sign-up required, and there are no restrictions and just a simple to use web hosting service.

Keep enjoying these tiny as they are sounding services and browse the internet as a professional).

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Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton