Can I Turn Off Orange and Green dot in iOS 14 on iPhone?

Last Updated on 15/10/2022

Can I Turn Off Orange and Green dot in iOS 14 on iPhone?

Why is there a orange and green dots in the top right corner of my iPhone? If you have recently upgraded to iOS 14, this question may be troubling you. After upgrading to iOS 14 you may have seen an orange or green dot in the upper left corner on your iPhone. Don’t fret, as you’re not the only one experiencing an orange dot on your iPhone screen.

The green and orange dots that are present in iOS 14 are actually a part of the latest update that was released by Apple to improve security and privacy. The dots are virtual lights that clearly inform that an application uses your microphone or camera. These dots are located above the signal bars in the corner , and just below the icon for the battery.

The orange dots signifies the use of the microphone while a green dot indicates the camera is working. In addition to the iPhone screen Control Center Control Center shows which app was the last to use your microphone or camera. It is common to see an orange dot when you call or making calls, and green dots when you use video or camera calling apps such as WhatsApp and Zoom. The dots disappear in the background when an application doesn’t have access to the microphone or camera.

The virtual dots that are available in iOS 14 are an interesting and beneficial feature for those who are worried about privacy. You can now determine if a malicious or intrusive application is recording your activities without your consent and knowledge. The dots will be clearly visible when it’s taking place.

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How do you turn off the orange dot in iOS 14

Are you finding this new iOS 14 feature pointless and do you find the colored dots bothering you? There’s no solution to remove the orange dots in your phone. This is because the privacy feature is built in iOS 14. Furthermore, iOS 14 doesn’t include any settings to turn off or eliminate that orange dot.

It is also impossible to disable the green dot on an iPhone that runs iOS 14.

It is better to take this visual reminder an assurance that nobody is watching you or listening in on your conversations without your permission.

Tip: Block Microphone Access to Camera and Microphone certain applications

In iOS you can block certain applications from using the microphone and camera in your iPhone. This can be done to make sure that irrelevant or unneeded applications don’t have access the essential hardware.

To control this specific privacy setting Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone/ Camera. There you can see all apps which have requested access to your camera or microphone. Block access to apps that you don’t think require them in order to perform their functions. To block access, switch off the toggle button at the bottom of the app’s name.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton