How to Unlock an iPhone Without Passcode?

Last Updated on 23/11/2022

How to Unlock an iPhone Without Passcode?

Are you stuck in unlocking an iPhone without using an account password? Do not panic when you’re at a end. There’s a chance that you’ll be in trouble if you can’t remember the correct passcode, or have made a failed attempt to enter the correct passcode, or you’ve just purchased a second-hand iPhone that is locked by an unlock code. Whatever the situation is, the result isn’t a pleasant one.

There are a variety of methods to unlock the iPhone without harming the device, but you could lose your important information. In this article we will go over two simple methods to gain access to your iPhone without using a password.

Methods to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

The first method is to use an application called the Locate My feature of the iPhone the device itself. The second option utilizes third-party software. Let’s get started.

Before you proceed, be aware that both of these methods will erase all the DATA that is stored in your iOS device, and then move your device to its initial state.

Using Find My iPhone

The iPhone comes with a variety of security options to ensure that your data is secure throughout the day. For instance, Find My iPhone helps you locate your device in the event that it is stolen or lost. This feature allows you to locate your iPhone on the map and perform specific actions.

Find My iPhone helps locate lost Apple devices and keep an eye on the location of relatives. It can be used for wiping your phone clean and erase all your data, which includes your iPhone screen password.

Note: You may make use of Find My app on your iPhone, or the Find My app on someone other’s iPhone or go to on an internet-connected computer to unlock your phone.

Then, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to on any device currently connected (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone).
  2. Log into iCloud by using your Apple ID and password associated with the locked iPhone.
  3. After logging into the account, sign in to your iCloud account, head to Find your iPhone.
  4. Choose the model of your iPhone in the All Devices drop-down menu.
  5. To confirm the removal of the iPhone To confirm deletion of your iPhone, tap erase iPhone and then enter the Apple ID password.
  6. After the deletion process After the deletion is completed, the iPhone will reboot. The Apple’s iCloud or iTunes allows you to back up the backup of your iPhone backup (if you have one).

While the use of this feature is simple and convenient however, there are some limitations you should know about. It is not possible to enter the iPhone passcode with Find My if you do not meet the requirements below.

The limitations of ‘Find My iPhone’

Before you try it ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Your locked iPhone is required to connect to the Internet via an active connection to the network (Wi-Fi or cell data).
  • It is essential that the Find My option on your locked iPhone has to be turned on during the time of the lock.
  • Your iCloud account needs to be connected with your unlocked iPhone in order for this to function.
  • You need to know your Apple ID and password associated to the locked iPhone.

Using AnyUnlock

AllUnlock iPhone password unlocker an paid-for software that is available on the both Windows as well as Mac. It is possible to download a free version to try it out! Alongside the standard numeric 4-digit or 6-digit code, it also supports the elimination from custom numerical codes as well as alphanumeric codes as well as Touch ID, as well as the Face ID authentication.

The program allows you to remove a variety of limitations, including the capability to remove the password from the screen locked and remove Apple ID, bypass Remote MDM and remove local MDM and bypass screen time passcodes.

You can also access an encrypted iTunes backups so that everything is restored from the backup. AnyUnlock can also help you manage passwords in your iOS device, allowing you to transfer the passwords into an external password management application.

AnyUnlock will let you free of the limitations that the Find My iPhone could apply. As long as the locked iPhone has an compatible iOS version (iOS 7 or later) There is an excellent probability of the success.


  • Unlock Screen Passcode mode Unlock Screen Passcode mode will erase all information stored on your device. However, you can restore your iPhone from backups if you have an earlier iTunes or the iCloud backup.
  • When the Find My iPhone is enabled (on the device) You must login with your account on iCloud in order to configure the device following unlocking.

How do you delete your iOS password and then replace with fresh one

    1. Start AnyUnlock onto the computer you have Mac as well as Windows PC.
    2. Make sure you connect to connect your iOS gadget to your PC via an USB cable.
    3. In AnyUnlock Choose the option to unlock screen passwords and then wait until your phone is recognized.
    4. Set the iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode (steps are in the display).
    5. Click on the Download button to download the latest iOS firmware for your device.
    6. Once the download has been completed After the download is complete, select on the unlock now option to start the process of unlocking. The firmware image that you download will then be flashed to your device.

That’s it. There may be a few reboots before you are able to set up your device with a fresh password. To set it up follow the instructions on screen for the screen of your iOS device.


The methods above can be used to allow you to unlock your iPhone without the need for a password. In addition, AnyUnlock seems an apt solution as it works with all the popular iOS versions as well as all kinds of iPhones and other devices that are iOS-enabled.

Bert Hoxton

Bert Hoxton