What Is the Difference Between VPS Hosting and a Dedicated Server?

Last Updated on 07/10/2022

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If you’re building a new website or migrating an existing site to a new host, you might be wondering which hosting option is suitable for your needs. VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are two popular options that are available from most major Australian & worldwide hosting companies and are a step above shared hosting packages (though, still, most Australian companies’ WordPress hosting packages are based on shared architecture).

This post will provide an overview of VPS hosting and dedicated hosting and explore the differences between the two.

VPS Hosting

VPS (virtual private server) hosting is considered an upgrade from traditional shared hosting because it provides designated resources. If you access a shared hosting package, you will have to split a single server’s resource with other websites. Unfortunately, increased traffic from multiple websites can cause severe issues for your site’s performance. In practicality, though, most small to mid-sized sites can easily rely on quality shared plans by hosts such as Hostinger, GreenGeenks, SiteGround, and HostPapa.

VPS hosting designates a pre-determined amount of resources for your website. While you’re still technically sharing a server with other websites, the hosting provider guarantees a storage and performance level. By creating “virtual” divisions on the server, the hosting provider ensures your website has ample capabilities.  

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting provides website owners with an entire server for their website. While managing a server sometimes requires technical knowledge, it offers many advantages. Users have access to the server’s full capabilities and don’t have to share resources or access with any other websites. One of our favorite dedicated plans comes from A2 Hosting if you are thinking of purchasing one.

Overview of Differences Between VPS Hosting and a Dedicated Server

Generally, VPS hosting is suited for small businesses or large personal sites, and a dedicated server tends to be for more medium to big business sites. Now that you understand the basics of these two hosting options, it’s time to explore the key differences.


While VPS hosts provide resource assurances that you can’t find in shared hosting, dedicated servers are best if your priority is accessing extensive storage and bandwidth. Since no other websites have access to your server, you can utilize all the power it offers.


Dedicated server hosting provides much more control to website owners. As you have the entire server dedicated to your website, your root access to the server provides you with significant control. If access to your server is a priority, make sure your hosting company includes root access.


The cost difference between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting is essential to consider. Since VPS hosting splits your server with multiple users, it’s a cost-effective way to access pre-determined resources. While it’s more expensive than shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about other websites’ impacting your server.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting can get quite expensive. Hosting companies must maintain your server, so prices can be much higher than VPS hosting options. Still, if you’re running a large website, the benefits will outweigh the costs.  


If ease-of-use is a major priority for you, VPS hosting is a better option than dedicated hosting. VPS hosting packages often prioritize easy setup processes and other useful features for newcomers to the web industry. If you don’t have experience with servers, using a dedicated server might be more trouble than it’s worth.

For website owners and people with prior experience managing a server, you will get more from a dedicated server.


If you’re building a website with a bright future, it’s critical to consider your hosting plan’s scalability. If you’re fenced in because of hosting restrictions, it can take a lot of time and effort to move to a new host or upgrade your existing infrastructure. Fortunately, both VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting provide ample scalability features to website owners.

While it’s easy to upgrade your VPS hosting to include more resources, you’re still confined to your hosting provider’s storage and bandwidth packages. However, dedicated hosting allows you to scale to the full capacity of your personal server.

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Server: What’s Better?

When comparing VPS hosting and dedicated servers, the better option will depend on your requirements, budget, and personal preference. If you’re a tech-savvy website owner with a large budget, dedicated website hosting is perfect. On the other hand, if you’re building a new website and don’t have much money to work with, VPS hosting offers excellent performance capabilities at a much lower price point.

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