What are NCF Charges in TRAI New DTH Rules

Last Updated on 19/10/2022

What are NCF Charges in TRAI New DTH Rules

The Telecom Authority of India known as the TRAI has announced new regulations regarding DTH as well as cable TV providers in India. The new rules allow users to select and pay only for the channels they wish to view. The new policy will be in effect on February 1, 2019 for customers who have switched to new plans based on TRAI. With TRAI’s latest tarif order customers are now able to build their own packs by selecting either the broadcaster bouquet , or through ala-carte. By choosing the ala-carte option you can select specific channels, while the bouquet option functions as an affordable pack that includes preset channels that are that are listed in the list of broadcasters.

In addition to paying for channels that are available under the ala-carte or broadcaster bouquets customers must also pay the base rate that TRAI refers to as “Network Capacity Fee” (NCF). This article we’ll discuss NCF charges that apply to the new TRAI requirement for DTH and cable TV.

What is Network Capacity Fee (NCF)?

“Network Capacity Fee” is basically the amount that is paid by the subscribers to the distributor to distribute television channels they subscribe to. It doesn’t include an annual subscription fee to the channel that is paid for or a the bouquet of channels that pay in any way. When paying the NCF to an DTH operator, such as Airtel DTH users receives 100 FTA (Free-to-Air) SD channels. Of the 100 SD channels, 25 channels included in the basic pack will be compulsory DD channels that will be in every pack according to the TRAI’s mandate.

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NCF Charges for New DTH Rules in India

The cost for network capacity to start the 100 Standard Definition (SD) channels is the sum of Rs. 130, without tax, regardless whether it is a DTH provider. A GST of 18% is also in effect, resulting in an overall NCF in the amount of. 153. In addition to in addition to the NCF for the 100 first FTA channels users must pay NCF for all “Pay Channels” they subscribe to using the following method.

  • An NCF of Rs. 20 plus 18% tax will be applicable to every 25 additional channels of it.
  • NCF for channels 15 or less channels will be at the rate of Rs. 1 per channel plus taxes.

It’s important to note that an HD channel counts as two channels in the total number of channels. If, for instance, you are subscribed to five HD channels, they’ll count in the same way as 10 channels. This could raise the cost of your total plan according to your NCF. Let’s look at this through an illustration.

If you’ve selected 75 pay channels, of which 25 channels are HD and the remaining 50 channels are SD channels. In this scenario the NCF cost will be the sum of Rs. 130 (for 100 FTA channels) plus Rs. 40 (for 25 HD channels) + Rs. 40 (for 50 SD channels) + 18 GST 18. Total NCF will be Rs. 248.

In this article We hope that you will have a better understanding of how the cost of network capacity is applied to a specific DTH plan. If you’re interested in this, check out for the listing of the 100 FTA SD channels that are shared by Airtel. Airtel DTH customers can look up the cost for Broadcaster Bouquet and individual channels under the Ala-carte model here..

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