Why did I pick up the Xiaomi Mi 4i over the Moto X Play?

Last Updated on 21/10/2022

Why did I pick up the Xiaomi Mi 4i over the Moto X Play?

It might not have been the best decision and you might be confused by however, I did purchase the Xiaomi Mi 4i recently, and it was a step up from that of the Motorola Moto X Play. Although at the beginning and initial glance, the Motorola phone was an overwhelming winner however, there were some reasons that pushed me to this Xiaomi device. Before I get into to the depths of my reasoning, I’d like to clarify that I have the iPhone 6 Plus as my primary phone and that the Android phone at my desk is typically the backup phone, as is the Xiaomi 4i, which was purchased using the same use and case scenario in the back of my mind. What would my decision have been different if I were looking for a phone to use as my primary phone? I’m not sure because the function I would like for my main phone is totally distinct from that of a backup phone that is primarily designed to make and receive calls to the phone.

Here are my reasons to choose this Xiaomi Mi 4i over the beloved Motorola Moto X Play Edition.

I had enough of big smartphones

Before I got my Mi 4i phone, I used my OnePlus One as my primary Android phone. Using it in conjunction with the iPhone 6 Plus meant I had to carry two smartphones. This was not only uncomfortable in my back pockets of jeans, but two big phones meant that regardless of the situation I was doing, my hands were constantly occupied while using or typing on my phone. It was very annoying when I was using my phone in bed, as you need a device that is light and compact and is able to be placed next to you , without taking up a significant portion of your bed. I knew, when I went to search for a phone that I’d pick up something useful to use, but not making me appear like a man who has two large slates inside my pockets. It’s the Moto X Play, in contrast with Xiaomi Mi 4i Xiaomi Mi 4i is a massive (169 grams against 130 grams on the Mi 4i, and ) and heavy, making it a nightmare to carry around with just one hand.

I’m a bit look a lot like MIUI

I’ve used MIUI since the time that it was the sole product that Xiaomi provided. Actually, I used MIUI even on devices like the Samsung Nexus S that I used to own back in the days. As time has passed, MIUI has been refined and has added features that can be extremely useful. A simple thing like the speed indicator on the notification shade or the option to change or delete the name of the carrier is something that makes me very satisfied. As an iPhone user it is easy to use the interface and there is no an enormous learning curve. The ability to store applications in memory, the ability to support text through a variety of IVR service providers in India and the automatic cleaner for caches are only a few of the intriguing features that MIUI offers. Sure the the stock Android appears sharper and cleaner however the features available on the MIUI has really turned the tables to the advantage of Mi 4i.

Unibody design

It’s possible that I’m in the some sort of minority however I was among those who loved the manner in which Apple created its iPhone 5c. It could be an unpopular phone, but it was an instant hit however, in terms of its overall design it, along with certain of the top-of-the-line Lumia phones defined what polycarbonate body designs should be. It’s a completely plastic phone that has a back made of polycarbonate that’s not removable. It is available in a variety of colors, including matte and glossy finishes. I chose the grey model of 32GB model, however there are blue, yellow white, pink, and so on to ensure that you are able to choose. Since the back isn’t removable, you’re not constantly in the midst of creaking backs or other loose ends. I had a terrible experience using the shells for backs on Moto G. Moto G second generation and the Moto X Play Edition also has a weak back. It’s a matter of trust however I was not ready to take the risk and chose the option that was more secure.

Storage and budget for it

Its Motorola Moto X Play 16GB is almost 4000 rupees more expensive than the 32GB model of Mi 4i. The 32GB version is an impressive Rs 5,000 more expensive , but the benefit that comes with this version Moto X Play is that it can be expanded to storage to 128GB using microSD cards. If you’re a person who needs more storage space on their phone, then the Play is a good choice for a higher price however, since budget was definitely an issue in the decision, it was clear that the Mi 4i made sense from almost every angle.

That flat back

It’s a great phone. Moto X Play has a curving back that is very similar to the likes of it’s predecessor, the OnePlus One that I owned before. The problem with this is that if you do at your desk all day and you aren’t able to reach for your phone to typeon, it just hangs across the table. The only method of typing on a device with curves on the back is to hold it in your hand. This is why the Mi 4i that has no curves on its back was very excellent. This could be a tiny thing, but it can’t be overlooked at the very least, according to my experience and if you keep your phone on your desk often it is something you might want to be aware of.

The screen

Both, that is the Mi 4i and Motorola Moto X Play have 1080P screens however, they differ in size. The Moto X Play sports a larger display with a display of 5.5 inches, whereas it’s Mi 4i has a 5-inch display. The thing that influenced me to choose the Mi 4i for me was the slightly cooler display with whites that were closer to white, unlike that of the Moto X Play, where the whites were slightly yellowish. If you don’t like the colder screen, it is possible to adjust it to a warmer setting , and this was a crucial aspect to consider. Both displays are excellent and responsive, however it was the overall superior color quality of Mi 4i that won the day. Mi 4i that won the day.

It’s not a secret that it’s true that the Moto the X Play can be described as an excellent phone and has plenty of advantages in comparison to Mi 4i. Mi 4i, the performance on the Moto X Play was certainly more fluid and the camera was slightly better, and the battery lasts an extra hour than on Mi 4i. Mi 4i and the speaker on the phone was excellent. But, as there were no important and the budget was skewed towards the Mi 4i since I was looking for a second phone and the Mi 4i was a good choice, it was a good choice. If you need to buy one of these devices Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below.

P.S. This is a completely unbiased article written by Arpit who is a fan of all things metallic and flying and flies. He spends the majority of his time at his desk in the marketing department at Pricebaba. In this particular instance, the Mi 4i is utilized as a backup phone.

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